On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

Okay so in Japan, where I lived for a year or so, they have these...JUMPING SPIDER things? the best way I can describe them is to say that they're like a cross between a spider and a cricket and jump REALLY high, like a couple of feet. I even tried to look them up just now and almost screamed when I was greeted with multiple close-ups of their eight-eyed TERRIFYING tiny spider-faces but I mean really, what was I expecting? Anyway, those. Those have woken me up a few times and GOOD LUCK GETTING BACK TO SLEEP esp when you're asleep on a futon pad on the floor. Pretty sure that's the only thing keeping me from living there permanently. That, and the 1850s-level sexism.

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On Farewell, Jane


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On Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum you've just made my weekend with the sentence "I had a lovely time in England and stayed with Tuna Surprise who is awesome." THANK YOU! <3

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On Friday Open Thread

@lookuplookup who else was SO upset that her "Date Marnie Stern" contest was only open to the duuuudes? Not that I expect her to change her sexuality or anything but HOW FUN WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN??

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

@abetterfate Glad we're all in agreement!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Goodbye, Jerusalem

@rowrow Wait WHAT? WHERE?!?!

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On None of These Books Is Famous Yet!

@The Lady of Shalott ask your dad if he ever tries to avoid looking up images of the audiobook readers for fear that they will turn out to be pudgy bald men (who, to be fair, have their own charms)rather than the strapping woodsmen of his (my) imagination!

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On None of These Books Is Famous Yet!

Decided I had to clear Jeffrey Eugenides' name in my head after the trainwreck that was The Marriage Plot, so I'm finally getting around to Middlesex which is as wonderfully elaborate as I had expected. Also listening to some dude with a fantastic baritone read East of Eden, which I am loving FAR more than I had expected!

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On Becoming a Better Lazy Vegetarian

Also! Make sure that if you're getting iron from breakfast cereal that you DRINK THE MILK FROM YOUR CEREAL. A lot of iron is sprayed on (what? i know.) the cereal flakes/clusters/whatever so it gets washed off into the milk and YOU MUST DRINK IT TO GET ALL OF THE IRON.

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On Curried Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

We had a British babysitter who would always makes us casseroles with CRUSHED UP RUFFLED POTATO CHIPS on the top instead of breadcrumbs. A sure shot to diabetes but it was so insanely delicious.

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