On The Audrey Hepburn Makeover

@Xanthophyllippa Ha, I got Tyne Daley from a Pizza Hut coworker when I was in college and was totally offended. Then I realized my mom kind of looked like Tyne Daley.

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On The First Time I Heard the Term "Helicopter Parents"

Probably not the right reaction, but I was kind of disappointed she didn't take the job. The thing is, that if you didn't have helicopter parents you would be stuck with a summer job very much like this one or worse.

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On Girl Author Blake Nelson on YA Fiction and Lana Del Rey

Oh my, never thought I'd see a Beauty Stab mention in my adult life, let alone on The Hairpin. Early '90s Portland lives on!

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On A Matter of Perspective

@Lily Rowan I still think middle-aged is 45-65 and that 65+ is a senior citizen, old, whatever. But then, this is a concept that I think about way too much http://www.projectmetoo.com/the-middle-ages/ (my own blog--sorry--but it's on topic, I swear).

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On A Matter of Perspective

@jen325 @Bebe. I will go along with your 70, which is ten years older than my mom. Of course when I'm 70 I probably won't think that's so old.

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On A Matter of Perspective

I've anxiously been awaiting such a study to prove/disprove my theory that the number considered middle-aged has been shrinking. I guess it hasn't and I'll soon have to claim my middle-aged-ness, like it or not. I was deluding myself into thinking the gateway was 45. Ugh, so when are you (i.e. women) considered old then? 41?

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On What Has Gray Hair and Is 26?

@every tomorrow@twitter Skintone definitely has something to do with it. Personality/style too, I think. Just yesterday morning I noticed a woman maybe mid-30s standing outside the subway station (not obsessed with subways, really) who just had a really fun look, not the natural, serious mom (I am none of those things) type I normally see with gray hair in the neighborhood, so she gave me hope. Plus, I recognized the guy she was with as a writer whose work I admire so I figured, well, at least this stranger, writer guy digs gray-haired girls (she seemed more girly than womanly).

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On What Has Gray Hair and Is 26?

When I was 26 I thought I was still fresh-faced enough to pull off my premature gray streaks.On the way home from work these two teenage boys were staring at me and my mumbling to each other on the G train and I knew they were up to no good because teens on the G train are never up to any good. One was all,"Can I ask you a question?" Bracing...uh, ok."Is that your real hair?" Uh, yes. It's not a wig if that's what you mean. "It looks really cool...because you aren't old." Uh, thanks, I guess. Now, at 38 it just doesn't work the same way. I see aging hipster dudes all the time with grays, but never the women. It bums me out and I vow to let mine go, then every three weeks I cave and dye again. I want to pull it off without looking like an earth mother. Is that even possible after 35?

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On Divorce Goes to Jamaica

@teenie You need a better community! Just about every female I know is 34+ and no one's married. Then again, NYC allows for that sort of weird prolonged youth (some might call it stunted).

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On Waiter, There's a Calorie in My Salad, and Other Things I Told My Congressperson

@cherrispryte Yes to craisins and blue cheese! But you need candied nuts for the holy salad trinity.

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