On Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

@hotdog take your shoes off that nice carpet! That's how they get worn (and why people with nice carpets make people take their shoes off inside)

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On Orrr You Could Just Not Say Anything?

Like the Three Cups of Tea fiasco, this was a narrative that people, including Ira Glass I bet, sooooo deeply wanted to believe. It provided pre-digested morsels that helped simplify a complicated topic and people ate.it.up. The reporter based in Shanghai was able to unravel the story pretty easily because he, ostensibly, has something more than a naive grasp of how things work in China.

I wanted to slap both Daisy and Ira Glass.

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On Love Me!

I hate the current trend, sadly promoted on this website on posts/by posters that shall remain nameless, whom I otherwise like, to end every sentence -- in writing or in video -- with a question mark. I know you want to sound ironic, but it makes you sound insecure. But maybe that's me?

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On The Sleeping Whale

@dabbyfanny completely agree. Look at the crap on this website that gets a million comments and this only gets a few? Priorities, people.

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On The Case Against Vodka-Sodas

And you minimize the sugar and calories! I don't understand either.

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On What We Have Going for Us

Someone should do this for your 40s

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On More Terrifying Than Roller Derby


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On Happy Hour: The Backyard BBQ Michelada

@parallel-lines Anything with pickle juice=hangover cure.

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On Bad Friends, Poor Communication, and "Yeah, But You're Adorable-er"

@boyofdestiny It's my cue for closing tab...

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On Infidelity Fallout, Drug Habits, and Long-Distance Feelings

@thebestjasmine Are terrified of most things, actually.

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