On We're Monsters

This has definitely been a week where all I want to do is hide in a blanket fort and read L.M. Montgomery books.

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On The Dark Stories Behind Why the New York Times Website Went Dark Today

#1 fills me with such fear I might have to hit my emergency Xanax stash.

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On The O.C.'s Music Supervisor Picks a Contemporary OC Playlist

Television and soundtracks! Oh I have so many feels about the OC and the music, and similarly for Buffy, and how I can hear a song and re-experience the show for a minute. Recently I was just reminiscing over Buffy and their great soundtrack. What the hell ever happened to Kim Ferron?

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On A Surprisingly Interesting Longread About Ticks

@BoozinSusan While I was googling to find the original article (search terms "sister suicide lyme disease") I discovered that there was a really high rate of completed suicide among diagnosed lyme's sufferers. It's terrifying. My first brush with the disease was with horses, because it can manifest in horses with mysterious lameness, the joke around the barn every time a horse came up lame was, "Let's get a Lyme's snap"- much like the show "House" always diagnosed lupus first. Its actually cheaper to do 30 days of doxycline rather than send off for the extensive testing. I was always ultra paranoid in picking off ticks on my horse, was less paranoid about myself- until I read John Baiata's story about his sister. It stuck in my brain 4 years later.

I'm so sorry you were diagnosed- but relieved it was early for effective treatment. Unbelievable it took neurological symptoms to get a diagnosis.

I love the outdoors but good god, do I hate/fear ticks!

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On A Surprisingly Interesting Longread About Ticks

@BoozinSusan http://www.nbcnews.com/id/30725967/ns/health-health_care/t/all-she-lost-my-sisters-battle-lyme-disease/#.UYKxVMqyKik

That's the story I remembered reading. Talks about the issues she had with noise.

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On A Surprisingly Interesting Longread About Ticks

@E I think I will. I remember reading this article where the author's sister had lymes and later committed suicide from the effects. She was so noise sensitive, that even living out in the middle of nowhere, she was driven mad by painful sounds.

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On The "Prom-posal"

@Megasus Yes, my high school hijinx were probably very far from Greenwich, CT hijinx.

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On The "Prom-posal"

@packedsuitcase All of my parental discussions go down like a scene from Easy A in my head. Mainly because I WISH I HAD HER PARENTS!

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On The "Prom-posal"

@amirite I would mind this a lot. That sounded like predator behavior to me.

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On The "Prom-posal"

@glitterary I think the implied pressure to say "yes" is why I found a lot of those public asks really troubling. I also feel strongly about public engagements too. If a guy can't state his case one-on-one, I am certainly not going to say yes when he results to the use of crowd pressure.

(I say that as Kinloch-now. Kinloch-High School would have been pathetically happy to just be asked, I think.)

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