On Beauty Q&A: Hangover Face, Nail Wraps, and Pimping Your Ride

@heyits Seriously I'm logging on just to say 'hell yea Auntie Mame!!!'

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On Possible Reasons Why There "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"

@emilylouise Seriously signing on just to say "S Club 7!!!!!!"

That is all.

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On Selena Gomez's "Hit the Lights" Video

Wait a second....so I'm NOT the only Full Grown Adult Woman who's been blasting this album everywhere I go for months? Sweet relief.

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On How to Reveal a Pregnancy Over Facebook Chat

@BenIsAGirl Ah thanks for the facebook link!

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On Baggy Winecoat: Dickens Character or Party Clutch?

Oh hey Christmas

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On Death, Tattoos, and Dark Humor

Dang I didn't realize the PTO vs PTA fight had gotten this hardcore.

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On Tips for Moving to Atlanta, U.S.A.

@Tammy Pajamas Um THANK YOU for shouting out MJQ! Trying to explain that place to my friends from home has been impossible. "So, um, it's like a club, right? And it's underground...like literally underground. And on Wednesday nights its free so its extra sketchy...like 'if you fall and scratch yourself you might get hepatitis sketchy...but it's really tons and tons of fun I swear!" Note: I haven't been there in years so apologies if its super legit now.

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On Single Dads, Aging, and Acquaintansex

@Monkey And if you have siblings (step, half, full, whatever) make sure they're either there for this conversation OR are fully in the loop. I had the wonderful privilege of watching in the past year three siblings who tried to make decisions for their ailing Mom. The arguments quickly turned in to thinly veiled fights about issues that had been simmering under the surface for years and everyone had a different opinion of what a (fully functional) mom would want.

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On How to Sell Rainbow Sponge Art

Glad to hear that the flabby left arm isn't just a younger lady's problem.

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On The Golden Age of Boy Bands

More like the Golden Age of Overalls...

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