On How to Dress for Things You Hate

Ok, quick: birthday dinner with the new "not my boyfriend yet" who I'm a little grumpy at because yesterday was actually my birthday and he hardly even did anything (a handful of text messages, mostly about how he thought he was getting sick) but it's a nice dinner at a nice restaurant and I always look for reasons to run.

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On Coming Out Late In the Game, Embracing the Inner Bridezilla, and Recharging Your Libido

I would also trust in my queer friends to be equally good-mannered (no grinding in front of grandma). That's not an issue of not being open about who you are, just about reading the room and not being raunchy at weddings. They haven't let me down yet - and it gives the jerks less to be rude about.

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On Friday Open Thread

So I met a guy who's great and totally into me and now I feel the destructive compulsion to pick him apart because I'm freaking out (gives me too many compliments, too attentive on text messaging, does not tell the same story the same way twice, etc.). Talk me down, friends!

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On Lily Allen, "Hard Out Here"

@Regina Phalange Exactly. If maybe they'd all exchanged a few WTF looks or if the dancers had been doing something other than exactly what you see in other videos, it could have said something meaningful.

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On Lily Allen, "Hard Out Here"

I would so love this if only there was some explicit reference to the fact that her sexy ladies are women of color. I think that's meant to be part of the satire but I wish it got some commentary too.

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On What Would Susan Miller Say? My Octocalypse Journal

I can't believe there even exists a place where this is relevant but I have to tell someone. So my Susan Miller horoscope for October said that October 16 would be my one promising romantic day. On that day, I had a site visit for work. On that site visit, I met a man with whom I had incredible chemistry and gave him my card. He never called. So much for that, right? NO! Last night, he and I were matched on OKCupid and now we're planning a date. Faith-O-Meter: 10.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse I don't really have any good advice but I recently came to the same conclusion myself and cut off all the casual nonsense. But now that it's been a few months and I haven't met anyone more serious, I'm starting to have second thoughts.

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On Friday Open Thread

I have had a friend for about 11 years now and mostly we've been pretty close. She's always been very sensitive in all of her relationships and I try to be attuned to that, even though I respond to situations very differently. The last month or so, she's been very distant and I am feeling just generally that she doesn't like me very much or is angry about something. It's nothing specific, just tension and some pointed comments. I've mentioned to her (in text) that I haven't heard from her lately but I've been thinking about her and I hope all is well - and that if it isn't that she would let me know. (She didn't respond.)

Part of me is really hurt and wants to find out what I've done that she's upset about. But another part of me feels like just letting the friendship go. If she's going to be so cold and not even try to talk to me about it, maybe it's for the best?

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On Friday Open Thread

@drydenlane I third the sunscreen! Really sunscreen and retinols are the only wrinkle treatments with any genuine scientific support.

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On "Alice Munro Updated Her Cover Photo"

"That isn't an expression that means anything to me, really. Make a fool of yourself. How can anybody do that? How can you make a fool? Show the fool, yes, expose the fool, but isn't the fool just yourself, isn't it there all the time? Show yourself. What else can you do?"

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