On Or "Racism" for Short

@Lorelei@twitter Completely in good faith. I have a very technical background so I tend to get hung up on specific meaning terms because my life's work is to get hung up on specific meanings of terms.

I just think the issue of racism needs to be discussed, but it seems like there just can't be, so how are we supposed to get anywhere? I'll shut up now.

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@thebestjasmine I've said several times that white people have an advantage, and that I've never been discriminated against based on race. But calling me names and telling me to go home isn't helping anyone. It pushes people further apart. And that has happened to me.

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@thebestjasmine HUGE distinction, which I've said numerous times, but still racism. I just want everyone to be nice to each other.

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@bangs Maybe the foreign country example isn't the best either, so I'll bring it home. Where I'm from, the big racial power struggle is between whites and natives. Natives face truly disgusting levels of discrimination, and the things I've heard white people say about them I will never repeat. BUT when I'm told that I can "go home to Europe", I am offended and the conversation ends. Again, I don't face anything nearly as bad as what the natives do, but telling me I can go home to Europe is awful.

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@Lorelei@twitter In my case being white (realistically, being obviously foreign) was an advantage, but there were still (admittedly low level) forms of racism. I don't mean to pretend that it was particularly bad, or anything near what other people face, but it's still racist. It's still wrong. Where it gets worse is when people in a position of power use race to put other people down and advance themselves, but to me that is racism*power. To me that's something different.

I can't quite find the right words to explain myself... I'd really like to emphasize that I do not think white people are commonly discriminated against, but hating someone just because they are white still is racism.

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@thebestjasmine @Lorelei@twitter But doesn't power play more into discrimination more than racism? Or am I getting terminology wrong.

I lived in a foreign country for a while where I was clearly foreign, and after I learned the language a little bit, I found that complete strangers were saying nasty things about me solely because I'm white. I was never discriminated against, but someone who doesn't know me calling me a bad person, out loud, thinking I can't understand them is clearly racism.

Nuns are awesome. Maybe that was a bad example :)

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@H.E. Ladypants Religion tends to be a pretty hot button issue though, and it's not like the whole Catholic/Protestant thing is water under the bridge.

A sort of friend of mine lived in China for maybe a year and taught English and brought her kids along. When they left they bought the girls beautiful silk Chinese traditional style dresses. They wear them for dress up events all the time. But if they wore them for Halloween it would be considered offensive?

I'm really not trying to be a dick. It's just such a complicated series of lines and I'm really interested in the topic objectively (but I've got to run).

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@thebestjasmine Because it's not really a profession, it relates directly to a specific religion. A religion I do not belong to.

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@H.E. Ladypants Huh, interesting! I grew up in the north, where there's been a blend of native trappers (mostly cree) and white trading companies for centuries, so my culture does have native appropriations to it for very good reasons (like survival!)

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On Or "Racism" for Short

@thebestjasmine @travelmugs So then is it as bad for a non-Catholic to wear a nun's habit as a Hallowe'en costume? I am a non-Catholic who has worn a nun's habit as a Hallowe'en solely because it was the cheapest costume I could buy. I don't think this is traditionally considered offensive, but by these standards it should be.

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