On 7 Classic Film Heroines Who Suck at Personal Safety

Yay Susan Schorn! I love her writing, and I am so happy to see it here! (Apparently Jennifer Hargis is also pretty awesome!!)

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On I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.

I think it is largely a symptom of people becoming unimaginative conversation partners. What else are you supposed to say when someone humble-brag-confesses about their $18 a day coconut water habit? It's an easy way to complete the ritual of social exchange; not every speech interaction has to be semantically meaningful. "Love it" could be construed as an expression of ratification and approval.

Furthermore, I suspect it's related to the advent of the Facebook like button. As expressing "liking" became easier and more common, it lost some of its meaning and specialness, so people who want to express a degree of enthusiasm/approval/connection higher than that conveyed by "liking" something step up their game and say they "love" it. And "love" has such a wide range of meanings in a language where you can love both your spouse and hot dogs...

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@werewolfbarmitzvah Just to pimp the company I used to work for: ProgressiveRX is an online pharmacy that hooks you up with awesome generics from India. We got our generic Retin-A from Johnson & Johnson's factory in India. High-quality stuff, and I use it myself. So all you really need to save up for is the doctor visit, and then you can get the cream for much cheaper :)

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On Things I've Replaced With Olive or Jojoba Oil

@Pochine I use Pond's cold cream to cleanse at night, and the process is pretty similar - my wash cloths get icky too. I've found that letting them soak in a solution of Simple Green + warm water for a bit before throwing them in with the rest of my regular laundry works pretty well in getting the oil out of the fabric.

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On Beauty Q&A: Freeboobing and Cute Pajamas

@spoondisaster As a similarly sized person, I can tell you that they will probably hurt after about an hour. Whenever I've tried to go out wearing just one of those spaghetti-strap tops with a shelf, but no bra, it becomes kind of agonizing after a while. And also, those things swing around a lot. If you were going to be relatively stationary, you could give it a shot, but if you'll be walking around much...Well, they're called 'knockers' for a reason. And mine are not even saggy yet! I personally don't like the way it feels. If you want to show off your assets, get a great bra and lots of tight sweaters with deep V-necks!

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On You Look Tired

It is never them just being nice! More like it is them just being Nice Guys (TM). Has a man ever told another man who looked depressed to smile? No! Men only ever do this to women because they feel like their bodies are public property and they have the right to comment on any woman's appearance and let her know whether or not it's pleasing to him.

The only guys who have ever told me to smile have turned out to be gigantic juiceboxes. And it is so rude, for this man on the street to assume I should just follow his orders. Does he also have permission to tell me to walk faster, or command me to stop and talk to him for a while?

If someone is genuinely concerned about me being sad or upset, there is a kind way to comment on this and open a conversation. "Hey, you look pretty down...is everything OK?" is a far more considerate opener than, "Smile!" which presumes that this man knows my life and emotions far better than I ever could, which is why I should stop being such an emotional, hysterical woman and just smile, which would solve all my problems, obviously!

(However, I also don't think most guys are consciously thinking of this. It's just a function of our culture's rules for gendered interaction, and I bet that if they were ever self-aware enough to question why they felt it was appropriate for them to tell a woman to smile, when they'd never consider doing it to a man, they would realize how infuriating it is and stop.)

The next time a man tells me to smile, I'm going to point to a nearby man with a neutral expression and say, "Thanks! Boy, that has just turned my day around. That guy over there looks like he could use some cheering up. You should go tell him to smile; I'm sure he'll appreciate your input!"

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On Reading Between the Texts: This Is Not Working

@MerelyGoodExpectations Can you please expound upon the Kerouac-readers? I have been on two dates with this guy and he quotes Kerouac on his OKC profile, soooo...not sure if this is bad news or what.

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On Beauty Q&A: Ponytails, Wedding Clothes, and Breast Relief

@Graciemae Try Fantasie, the 4520 model. Unlined and super comfy. They carry them at Nordstrom's for about $50.

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On Beauty Q&A: Ponytails, Wedding Clothes, and Breast Relief

@SarahDances Yes, yes, yes! Their 4520 model is my absolute favorite bra. So comfy, doesn't have those molded cups, and it makes my rack look amaaaazing. They were wonderful when I was a 32E and they are still wonderful now that I'm a 32G. I bought one at Nordstrom's recently for $50, and then I went on eBay and bought more of the same size/model for cheaper.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Marlon Brando's Dirty Dungarees

My voice teacher went on a date or two with Brando back when she was in Julliard and before he was famous. She said he was vulgar, that he reminded her of a trucker, and that he seemed to think he was God's gift to women. She ended up marrying a man who made her tea every morning for the rest of his life, so I guess it worked out for her...

But oh, man...On the Waterfront was the first movie that made me understand the power of cinema. And I certainly wouldn't say no to a date or two with the man, even if he wasn't the marrying kind.

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