On Your Inner Sailor Scout Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

My inner socially awkward INFJ middle schooler just lost her mind with glee.

"SEE I KNEW I'D HAVE MY DAY" - 12-year-old alliepants

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On I Will Not Soak It In

@stonefruit That's true! Funny thing is that none of the messages offend me all that badly, but I still kind of feel like her posts are performance art--someone writing from the POV of Charlize Theron in Young Adult, perhaps.

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On The Extrovert's Cocktail Party

Dibs on "Devolution of the Puke Monster in Sparkley Heels" for a band name

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On The Best Time I Said Yes to Everything for a Week and Ended Up Having Bad Sex (Twice), Going Camping and Contracting Shingles

OH MY GOODNESS THAT TYPE OF SHINGLES IS A REAL THING. That's all. I was beset with it last week and absolutely lost it.

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On The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

This is perfect. "It’s time to make a home of your body, the house you are always building but never have time to reside in." Seems especially Capricorn, no? (As in, we're a bit too practical for body-image issues, but tend to treat our bodies like machines for achieving things)

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Significant Others Have Said: The Bracket

@sarahchristine hahah I always get #25?

One time I got: "You know, you're going to need to work a little bit harder to seduce me." I just burst out laughing and called him a dick. Response: "No, you know, where's the lingerie and cat moves??" (note: still unclear what the hell a 'cat move' is) So I obliged by ignoring him for a while, which is the ultimate cat move.

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On But How Feminist Is Your Dry Cleaning?

dude this is definitely a thing. I always look less polished than many of my male coworkers because dry-cleaning is expensive so I try to stick to clothes I can wash. Granted, the dress code isn't so formal at work dry-cleaned clothes are required, but it would help. Cheap drycleaning would mean that my life would be better/I'd look less shlubby! I'm legit looking up this place now.

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On A Plan for Dealing With This

wait she's trolling us now right? After a "Sarah Miller only writes about hating things" comment she literally just wrote a blog post about someone who hates everything?

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On What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

@juksie See, this post is why I write for a newspaper [ACCORDING TO WHOM?], though that's its own special sort of fun [WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? UNACCEPTABLE WORDING].

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On Poetry: A Love Story

@Cat named Virtute What I don't understand is why anyone would write a column against any sort of art form? Like, I'd totally understand a post about how it's absurd that a professor forced a student to take a full year's worth of poetry classes knowing full well it wasn't her favorite genre. But like, being anti-poetry? That's like being anti-song. I mean, maybe she hates music. It's possible. Maybe that'll be next in the line of columns that all generally boil down to "hey guys! Why don't you read me hate on something for a little while, and then read while I get all self-conscious about the fact I like to hate on things and try to make it endearing."

I suppose blog posts about the writer being too cool for various things is its own art form, I guess. I've found a few I like, and they can be fun to read, but ya know, I don't think I get it. Probably not for me, but there's nothing wrong with it, so she can keep on keepin' on.

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