On The Irish Exit Chronicles

My friends and I call this the "French Leave" so "Irish Exit" made me think it was kind of the opposite. Much like the first story.

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On Coming-Out Technology, Exiting the Girlfriend Zone, and the Lesbro Conundrum

@paddlepickle I had a friend in the same situation as this LW and so maybe I'm comparing it too much to this experience. But this girl, who was straight but didn't seem to have any sexual interest, kept pushing the girlfriend's buttons with comments like: "you're his girlfriend, but we're, like, best friends". She would hang out with him when she wasn't around and then brag about it in group settings. It drove her nuts, but no one else seemed to notice, so she felt especially crazy.

I agree that how one reacts to this is key, because you can lose a lot of cred that moment you insist on your boyfriend ending a friendship because you're insecure, but you can't dismiss that this chick is clearly manipulative, having done it once already (admitting it seemed like weird foreshadowing, too), and can't be completely absolved.

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On Coming-Out Technology, Exiting the Girlfriend Zone, and the Lesbro Conundrum

@lunaesque I'm with you LW#3! If not giving a fuck won't work, then what you did should be the next best thing. Guilt-free, girl!

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On Angel Olsen's Tiny Desk Concert

Ahhhh! Love her.

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On Angel Olsen, "Hi-Five"

I love her so much. I flew to Boston (I'm from Northern Ontario) to see her and Kurt Vile last May. I proceeded to drunkenly gush to her at her merch table until she was visibly uncomfortable.

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On The Oral History of Female Drummers

This is awesome. I've been thinking about taking up drumming so I'm taking this as a sign.

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On A Brand New Way to Ruin a Brand New T-Shirt

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Aw. We're also both very fond of bracketed digressions, apparently.

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On A Brand New Way to Ruin a Brand New T-Shirt

Katie (or maybe it's Katy?..), the one on the left (our left, not their left.. I guess they don't HAVE a left what with the split screen?) ...anyway, she reminds me of Jane.

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On What Is Most Millennial?

@zeytin I recently found King's Quest online! (http://sarien.net/kingsquest)It's glitchy as hell but still way too fun to enter ridiculous commands. Bless the person who spent a presumable shitload of time encoding it for HTML.

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On We Have Finally Sailed Beyond the Solar System


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