By etheline. on Drunk Pics, Hot Sisters, and Long-Distance Dumping

I was in a similar spot as LW1 when I met my now-husband a couple of years ago.
I had just ended a three-year relationship with a dude who had promised me a proposal was coming, but was in fact in love with my best friend. I ended it in November, and had a new boyfriend by Christmas.
For a while I downplayed the seriousness of it to family and friends, because people kept weighing in on what the ideal amount of time to be single is before dating again. I, on the other hand, felt ready and excited to meet someone awesome; my ex and I had been living ostensibly as friends for the year or so before our breakup, so it didn't feel I was jumping from one relationship to another.
Ignore the haters. If something (healthy) is making you feel happy and wonderful after spending too long feeling something else, I encourage you to jump in and enjoy this new phase.

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@leastimportantperson This deserves so many likes and bookmarks. Instead I'm quoting it on twitter to a friend.

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Everyone shave bare and come over to my place. I'll be ready with pancake batter, some moss, and a blender.


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@leastimportantperson Whatever they're doing must also be offensive to hardcore conservative white male Christians. As practically everything can be considered offensive by hardcore conservative white male Christians, this doesn't narrow it down much?

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@leastimportantperson That depends, are they engaged? Do they have a diamond? How old were they when their babies stopped breastfeeding?

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Hahhaa yesterday I was telling my friends about my first Brazilian experience, which consisted of the waxer lady telling me to, "Take your clothes off, lay down, then hook your leg around my neck." Apparently this isn't how it's supposed to go!

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My party line on that particular grooming thing has always been that I will accomodate aesthetic preferences within reason, but I don't DO pain.

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By Edabelle on The Audrey Hepburn Makeover

You guys are the best. Well, no -- Jane is the best, but the rest of you are tied for second. Next time I get the Mean Reds I'm just going to come and hang out in the comments with all of you flatterers. (We don't have a Tiffany's in LA.)

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By slutberry on Ask a Clean Person: Let's All Make ... Our Beds. And Then Take a Nap.

@selkie86 When I was your age, we'd be have happy to have a jizzcliner to sleep on. Happy, you hear me??

kids these days with their made beds.

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By raised amongst catalogs on The Best Time I Called in to a Radio Advice Show

"It’s not surprising; the caring, well-groomed silver fox appeals especially to girls with troubled relationships with father figures, which is a whole lot of us."

This may or may not resonate deeply with me.

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