On Going Blonde

@JillCool I'm the same. I had no hair until I was two, practically white hair as a kid, and even when it started to get a little darker it would bleach out again naturally in the summer. I'm so used to having light hair that I think my my natural color as practically brown now, even though it's just dishwater blonde. Thank god for my fantastic colorist. When I tell people I get it done they're always surprised (and it warms my heart a little every time).

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On A Migraine *Just For You*

@Gingineer I thought mine were sinus headaches, too! Mine start with a feeling that a spike is being driven vertically through the right ride of my head and slowly moves through my right eye, nose/cheek, and into my teeth. A couple Excedrin right when it starts and keeping perfectly still seem to help. If that doesn't work, strategically touching parts of my head seems to relieve some pressure.

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On Nicki Minaj Murdered You On Your Own Shit: The Guest Verse as Social Justice

I coach high school lacrosse and "Monster" is what I always try to have on when I get to the field on game day (coaches need pump up music, too!). Her verse kicks everyone's ass and gets me in the best 'here we go, let's do this' mood.

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On Did We Live Up To Our Yearbook Pages?

Mine was along the lines of "This is the American dream in action my man! We'd be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way out to the end" from Fear and Loathing because I was obsessed with Hunter S. Thompson and the concept of the American dream. And I won an award for being the best athlete (make or female) on a club team. Yeah I loved high school, can't really deny it.

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On Interview with a One-Time "Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow"

Ooh your mom and my mom were at U of O at the same time! And were working women and started having kids at the same time! Although my mom was in paper, less cool than architecture.

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On Ten Days Alone In: Cuba

I did a study abroad program in Cuba through my college for three months in 2008. Everything she said about the people being nice and helpful absolutely reflected my experience. The locals we ran into every night on the Malecon would talk to us for hours. And Viñales really is the most beautiful place. The mogotes are an incredible thing to see. Basically if this made you want to go there, do it do it do it. It's a seriously amazing country

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@purefog Literally every flavor is amazing. Even the spinach one. I used to live around the corner from them and why I never went in there I will never know.

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On On Ice Cream

My collee lacrosse team had eating challenges in the dining commons. We'd constantly get more plates than would fit at the table. West Coast lacrosse, yeah!

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On Halloween Open Thread (*-*)

Really Bad Lumberjack. Flannel, suspenders, ripped jeans, axe, and lots of wounds and blood. I work in the corporate office of a lumber company so I'm trying to sneak off with a hardhat too.

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On Save the Date, Portland: October 2

I've been waiting for this forever except I hate octopus so now I'm torn

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