On The Purse Pie

So I just got my First Ever Grown Lady purse last week-before that, I was using a batik grocery tote my mom sewed me. So pretty! But also, not meant to schlep around stuff all the time, and had no shape whatsoever. So now I have things in there like a LIPSTICK POCKET and a CONTAINER FOR BOBBY PINS and books in the center pocket!

I predict this lasting exactly four more days before the kleenex and straw wrappers and gum stuck to loose change revolt.

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On Carter said she "doesn't consider it discriminatory"

When are we going to agree that BMI is bullshit and not a measure of healthiness?


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On Debt-Sharing and Mismatched Ambition

@The Lady of Shalott

Just here to add that:
1. Depending on what she's doing with her degree, her loans could be completely forgiven in a shorter amount of time if she's in public service-there are a lot of fields that do that. Yaay for people doing good things, boo for none of them being applicable for this lady with a masters in music :(
and 2. In this day and age, marrying someone with 100k of student loan debt isn't that unusual. Most of my friends who graduated from my degree program have well over 50k, as our school is shit with financial aid, and
3. HONESTLY That loan money is paying for their financial security, benefiting both of them. Maybe she went to school before they were dating, but the job she has is obviously beneficial to their standard of living. I guess I wouldn't feel so outraged if he wasn't being such a dick about it. I suppose he doesn't have an obligation to pay her loans. But if you love someone, you'd cut them a fucking break every now and then.

Lastly: I keep holding out for something big to change re: student loans. Something dramatic. Because this is not just a problem for our generation. It's a huge problem for us unemployed who aren't paying SS, who are putting off big purchases like cars, houses, etc, because we can't afford them, putting off marriage, constantly renting apartments, constantly in debt and living paycheck to paycheck, settling for unpaid internships as a last hope to advance somewhere, and it's fucking us over, sure, but everyone, older and younger, is going to be hurt by this.
I was hoping Occupy Wall Street would turn into a huge student riot. So, uh, if anyone wants to join me, i'm in my living room.

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On A Trip to Digby & Iona's Jewelry Studio

Yes! Yes! Can I tell you how much I like "The Law in 6 Parts" and "The Rakish Hand?"

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On Still Hunting for the Natural Deodorant Holy Grail

@dinos I got another LUSH deodorant and it made my armpits break out something awful! Also, I definitely got BO (which I never get when I smear aluminum into my armpits a la Secret). ALSO as I do most of my LUSH purchases, I was pressured into buying it (unlike most times at LUSH, fortunately, this is the only LUSH product I haven't had a good experience with)

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On A Year of Living New Clothes-less-ly

@sparrow303 Agreed. I have probably a dozen cardigans, but I wear them every day. Same with leggings (which I wear as tights in the winter). And I don't even want to count the dresses, but it's a lot.

However, pants? I have a pair of jeans that I am going to get rid of because they are nowhere near fitting, and a pair of jeggings that need to go because they are the worst idea on my body, and why wear something that looks awful when I can wear something that looks good and comfortable? The only other pants I have are a few yoga/lounge pants, which I don't count because I never wear them outside of the gym or house.

Also, @tea tray in the sky, I used to be like that! Because I'm fat and felt like I had to buy things at stores and purses always fit! However, I kind of hate purses? I love clutches, so I'll buy one of those every year, maybe. But it's tote and cross-body bags for me these days, at least when I don't use my backpack. Too many books for a cute bag*

*how do women use a tote bag as a book bag? Don't your shoulders hurt? I can only use a backpack when I have a stack of opera scores with me.

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On A Year of Living New Clothes-less-ly

@PistolPackinMama I just wanted to add that sometimes I find great workout pants (size 16-18) at Target.

Also: eshakti. Be careful, because sometimes the cotton poplin dresses hang weird, or lack drape whatsoever. But anything cotton/spandex. And, it's customizable! I've had decent luck.


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On Trigger Warnings for Everyone!

@olivebee Have you heard Amanda Palmer's speech to NEIA's class of 2011? I recommend it to anyone, but especially in a creative field.

/graduated with a MM and still feel terrified and unprepared

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On The Twentieth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

@Camille Santochi YES YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! I still know all the words to the entire musical and sing it whenever I'm on a drive longer than three hours. PATTI LUPONE ALL THE WAY.

One of my favorite lines: "This has really been your year MISS! Duarte, tell us, where to go from here MISS! Duarte, which are the roles that you yearn to play, whom did you sleep-DINE with, yesterday?

As a small child I would sing that around the house and not quite understand what the big deal was.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School — Hard Water, Soft Fabric, and Babies, Oh My!

True story: I lived in Vienna for a bit, and relied on my roommate for basic things at first, as I barely spoke German. He had a bunch of cleaning supplies in the apartment that we all just used. It wasn't until the washing machine in the attic broke, leaving me with a dire underwear situation that left me in my incredibly attractive American neighbor's apartment using his machine, that I learned that what I had just assumed was detergent was actually just fabric softener.

I had been using SOLELY fabric softener to clean my clothing for months. I am disgusting.

Note: maybe it's because I don't have nice things, or because I air-dryed everything, but I didn't notice anything wrong with my clothing. Which could also be because I am a grad student and obviously put very little effort in how much I look/live like an actual human.

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