On 5 Moments in the Life of a Black Mother

Thank you Hope. Your words are flying through the parents' groups and being passed along e-mail chains all over the country and all over the world today. I've been struggling with this. How to make people understand this. I'm doing my best to teach my white son about this, so the future will be different and trying to show my white friends and acquaintances how terribly frightening things are right now. This truth you put out there is powerful and it's touching all kinds of people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

@Rubyinthedust This happened to me on a date many, many years ago too. My date later said that it was "the most real" anyone could really be on a date, and was thus endearing. He is still a friend, as you can imagine.

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On Wonderful Sentences About Tourism in Finland

@parallel-lines Yes!! Also the product of Finnish immigrants to Minnesota two generations back. I have not met any family in Finland, but the ones here were similarly bonkers. If you haven't read it yet, "Popular Music from Vittula" by Mikael Niemi is highly recommended especially for the grandfather character who could absolutely have been related to me.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: The Leftovers

@LacunaKale I like doing gift certificates for events for parents/in-laws/other loved ones in this age bracket. Restaurant certificates (like yrouttasight), theater tickets or GC to Elder Hostel events are all things that the recipients seemed to have enjoyed.

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

@ladonnadeigatti Yes! My friend interned for Al Gore (2 years prior to Monica) and had this exact same reaction. Al is ostensibly more handsome, smart, etc. and she always described him as a really great guy to work for. But! When Bill would wander over to the VP offices she said it was like sex walked into the room.
My own meeting Bill story took place in a Tex Mex restaurant in Austin where a huge group of us were celebrating my friend's birthday. Bill and entourage suddenly and unexpectedly entered the restaurant and the whole place just lit up. An informal receiving line formed and against our better judgement we all jumped in it. Bill shook my hand and I was so overcome that I had to blurt out "And it's that guys birthday!!!!" pointing to my friend. He immediately took his hand, slowly shaking it and looked deeply into his eyes. "What birthday is this for you then?" "I'm 28, Mr. President." "Oh, 28. That's really one of the great years. You're really going to enjoy this." My friend swooned slightly, his wife standing next to him swooned slightly, and of course I did too.

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On Unfriending en Masse

@stuffisthings This is kind of why I'm opposed to de-friending in all but the most egregious circumstances. We all tend to socialize with people who agree with us and hold similar views and I think social media has just accelerated and exagerated that. The problem is that we end up forgetting that most of the folks on the "other side" are reasonably thoughtful, well-informed etc., they've just come to a different interpretation of the facts. The phenomenon of blogs/social media/fast news cycle, etc. means that we're stuck hearing whoever shouts the loudest. They're not really representative of either side. This is why the government can't get anything done anymore. It's like people can't even talk to each other if they don't absolutely agree with one another to begin with ("La la la!!!! I can't hear you!!!"). I'm for respectfully disagreeing and debating if I don't agree, but feel like defriending is sort of adding to a really discouraging problem with our culture overall. /end rant

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On Take This Halloween Costume Idea ... Please

@Tammy Pajamas We did this too!!! It was awesome!

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On Take This Halloween Costume Idea ... Please

@mirror_father_mirror One of the best ever Halloween visuals I ever had was at a backyard party when I looked up to see a pope calmly holding his lit cigarette and drink above his head, continuing his conversation with a girl while a swirling group of luchadors in masks humped his leg. I can only hope your husband had such a magic moment.

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On Take This Halloween Costume Idea ... Please

@smidge My husband and I went as William S. Burroughs (sport coat, fedora, dark circles under his eye and his arm tied off with a syringe) and I went as Joan Vollmer (shot glass glued to the top of my head and bullet hole in my forehead). No one got it, and I was sad.

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On Planet Paz

@teenie I have a feeling we'd be splitting that pot in several ways. Unless "polypharmacy" counts as a vote. Then I'm absolutely in.

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