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Hey, thank you so much for posting this! Adoption is so complicated. And so politicized. And hearbreaking. And really makes me want to do some very in-depth reporting on the different sides of how this happens.

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By Ophelia on Today's Bleak Read

I actually don't think I can read this article at all. BRB, need to go hold my daughter.

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By alannaofdoom on Today's Bleak Read

@sarena My uncle got a KID. Your uncle is not working hard enough.

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By Briony Fields on When a Man Writes a Woman

I kiiiiind of didn't find Lisbeth Salander all that well written though, am I the only one? She really struck me as some fantasy male stereotype. Like, this teeny punked out slip of a girl who "was beautiful enough to be on any billboard in the world". Of course she has to *actually* be hot underneath whatever facade she has. She was still badass and probably the best developed character in that series, but I still thought she was far from an ideal female character. Am I nuts?

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By AmandaElsewhere on When a Man Writes a Woman

Agree, so much. I hated Little Bee. In fact, I hated it so much I wrote a Goodreads review on it, which I never do.

From 2011(when I read it):
I'm always a little wary of male authors who write first-person fiction novels from a woman's (in this case women's) point of view. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I think that's where Little Bee falls flat. That said, I understand what Chris Cleave was trying to write and I didn't altogether hate this book. Unfortunately, it was riddled with too many plot inconsistencies and cliches, which bogged down the inner thoughts of two women characters central to this "magical" tale. Yes, I know that there are a lot of monkeys and jungles in Africa, and yes, I know that morning commutes in London must be hectic. What I don't know is why so many bad decisions were made by women in this book.

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By MEGA VENUTIAN SPACE SCORPION on When a Man Writes a Woman

When I started reading this I thought, "Yes, that is the problem I had with Little Bee!". Both female narrators were fairly flat and the the whole 'white middle class savior' and 'noble foreigner' thing squicked me out. Was surprised to see it on the positive list.

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By cuminafterall on “Tell Them About the Dream, Martin!”

@iceberg Just wait till the Bergy Bits start school: they will get the "Rosa Parks & MLK Jr. were people, and also George Washington Carver did something with peanuts" unit every year during Black History Month (substitute the Tuskegee Airmen or Madame C.J. Walker for GWC if someone in their class has a peanut allergy). It gets a little better in high school.

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By H.E. Ladypants on I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

@Lily Rowan I dunno. I don't really have any hard feelings toward Macklemore. I don't think he was ever really trying to do anything but make music that he enjoys and when he happened on some success, he and Ryan Lewis took advantage as hard as they could, which I think any of us would have done. For the most part, I think Macklemore may not be brilliant but his music is pretty heartfelt so I give him no ill will. Also, I'm unaware of him turning culture into an accessory in the way that Miley Cyrus has (although if I'm missing something, please fill me in.)

I think the issue with Macklemore is not him personally but the cultural response TO him. Matisyahu is also a white dude performing traditionally culturally black music (reggae) because he loves it but due to his lower profile most of the reactions to his music tend to be critical rather than spilling internet ink over whether his is music is appropriation. The same can be said for Brother Ali. Or any number of white MCs.

So, I feel a bit sorry for Macklemore. His sudden popularity is exceptionally problematic but I feel like it's the reaction to him that's problematic, less than Macklemore himself. People who say that they dislike rap but who rabidly enjoyed "Thrift Shop" are expressing some obvious biases, just like when Eminem achieved mainstream fame more than a decade ago. But you know, in other news, water is wet.

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By dtowngirl on 9 Lines in the Marissa Mayer Profile That Are Lady-Specific and One Line That Is Not

Thank god she is blind to gender. I'm plagued by a never-ending visual stream of penises and vaginas. It's really starting to impact my work. That's what feminism is, right? All I can see is gender, everywhere.

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By iceberg on "I don’t want her to wear her good nature like a gemstone, her body like an ornament"

@commanderbanana This is really good, I'm going to try to remember this as the Bergy Bits get older.

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