On When a Man Writes a Woman

@MEGA VENUTIAN SPACE SCORPION @AmandaElsewhere I hated hated HATED HATED Little Bee. If I'd seen your Goodreads review, I probably would have Liked it, which is also never do. UGH.

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On Interview with a High-Fashion Model Who Is Also Transgender

This was just delightful. What a great attitude you've got, Arisce.

And this killed me: "In the club I can’t even hear myself and people are just like 'I HAVE A ROLLS ROYCE' and I’m like, 'Don’t you even want to ask my name?'" Because seriously. Ugh, clubs.

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On Two Addendums to Miley at the VMAs

@harebell FWIW, that cheerleading post is actually about a book from the 70s and, to an extent, being female in high school, and is a bit more in-depth then "celebritiess-and-tv-parsing." I do see your point, however, and really appreciate it and your comments about Syria as well.

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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple

I loved this.

Tidal was HUGE for me in high school, in really deep and also really shallow ways. Like, I had one very amazing standing-up makeout session with my boyfriend sophomore year to a good 2/3 of that album, so sometimes I hear it and think about tall dreamy gingers.

And then sometimes I hear it and, yes, think about floor-crying.

FIONA. I adore you.

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On Let's Revisit All of Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1

@LauraAlien Robbie Williams! I don't care how terrible those two songs are (they are), I love them and him SO MUCH.

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On 100 Perfect Books

God, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is so so fucking brilliant. I don't know why I always forget about it.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@eringobragh Ten Kids No Pets? Although their twins are the F and G names...

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@Undone Silver! And was she the one who wrote Izzy Willy Nilly, about the girl who lost her leg(s)?

(Google sez no, that was Cynthia Voight. Who has not been mentioned here enough!)

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@polka dots vs stripes That's almost totally all she read, especially once she discovered WWII. Lots of Number the Stars, Summer of My German Soldier, etc. Plus, TONS of historical nonfiction - she was a bit of a WWII/American Homefront scholar by the time she hit high school.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

I cannot believe someone besides me and my sister remembers I Would If I Could. Like a lot of you, I read constantly all the time always, but for some reason that book is very summer-y to me. I know I read it at least once at the cabin in Northern Wisconsin, so that probably helps.

Speaking of the cabin, and my sister, one of my favorite pictures of her is when she was about 9 years old, sitting on the dock down by the lake, reading. A kid's book about the Holocaust. That sums up my sister right there, basically.

So many good books mentioned, you guys. Maniac Magee! Charlotte Doyle! Betsy-Tacy-Tib! Laura! (We grew up in Minnesota, so those last two series have a special place...) I just recently reread Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes, which was also a summer-ish read for me, I think, and I read a lot of Norma Fox Mazer: Babyface, Silver, Out of Control...heavy stuff. And didn't she also write the one about the two best friends in high school and their boyfriends, one of whom has an affair with the science teacher? I can see the cover so clearly, but can't picture the author.

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