On My Case With Accutane

I'm one of the people who ended up with Crohn's disease after accutane AND I still get pimples on my chin. Definitely not worth it.

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On Fantasies, Photography, and "My Best Friend's Boyfriend"

Porny people fantasy lady: The only way you're going to get that fantasy out of your head is to live it out. So find your local swingers club and get your freak on there with all sorts of porny people all around you.

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On Real Proposal Stories

My hubs and I had been through a meat grinder of a year (katrina/rita, homelessness, my mom whom we lived with got cancer and died suddenly, unemployment several times, no x-mas). It was January and I had the month long cold from hell and was busy hacking up a lung. Richard sat beside me on the couch, put his arm around me and said we should get married so I can put you on my insurance and you can go see a doctor. I was like *cough cough cough* yeah. So we did and my cold cleared up the next week. 5 years (and 2 kids) later we're still together.

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On Cloth Diaper Brands: Real or Fake?

@City_Dater They don't feature a large g. Just a tiny tag that says BumGenius. And as far as cloth diapers go one size BG's are awesome. They more than live up to the name of genius.

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