On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

@Allie Williams@facebook It's certainly fine to not want an abortion for yourself and to wish other women didn't have to make that choice. However, to say that anti-choice isn't anti-woman is a lie. You are advocating for a woman to give birth to a child she doesn't want, against her will. You don't know any of these women but you're willing to judge them. You lack empathy for someone whose life is totally different than yours. That is anti-woman. You and all these other Facebook trolls need to own what you are.

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On What's the Worst Song to Have Sex To?

I was with a dude once who had a mixtape playing, and "Lady in Red" came on. I pretty much dried up.

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On What's the Best Song to Have Sex To?

Air or Boards of Canada.

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On The Satanic How-To Guide to Exalted Girldom

I read "And I Don't Want to Live This Life" when I was 12, and it blew my tiny mind. Those letters Sid wrote to her mother were so sweet (even though he probably did kill her). Also, it bears repeating that Sweet Valley High jumped the shark after Regina died from snorting cocaine ONCE. Nancy would have laughed at that.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@yeah-elle The Replacements!

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On Missed Connection - w4w

@j-i-a Jesus, thank you. Following the links I saw on Facebook, I expected more than whatever that drivel was.

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On Jesmyn Ward on American history and racial "threats secreted like seeds"

None of that should have happened. I don't know how people live with the anger of injustice sometimes, I really don't.

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On Guy DeBord or Sharknado?

Because I am a spelling nerd and because I am That Person, I will point out that it's Guy Debord, not Guy DeBord.

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On "Wichita Lineman," Glen Campbell

This song, and his voice, really gets to me.

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On The Gateway Pie

@ragazza I just ordered two jars of spekuloos this morning. That shit is straight up crack, in the best possible way.

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