By Kalorama_Kat on Friday Open Thread

I will always remember this as the week I moved to Washington DC and made an account for The Hairpin.

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By cee on Missed Connection - m4m

The Band Who Was (like) Thursday

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By peasofmind on The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense



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By R&RKD on 18 Brides in a Year

Local wife earns real equivalent of $21/hour in long-running scheme to exchange sex for room, board, and societal approval!

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on The Kevin McAllister Pie

@laurel Well, you may be thinking of someone howling at a hot person, but the only times I've ever heard anyone say "woof" in appreciation is when hanging out with Bears. (The gay, hirsute human kind, not the grizzly kind.)

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Maria Bello: "My feelings about attachment and partnership have always been that they are fluid and evolving"

I don't want to say "Knew it" about Maria Bello, but damn, I've always thought she's just got too much swagger to be 100 percent straight. (Am I undermining this piece? I don't want to. I think she's saying some great, important things, because I'd say most partnerships exist in the gray when society prefers them to be easily black and white.)

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Wednesday Open Thread

@emsiela I'll be real: the only time I've ever felt "I never knew I could love someone this much" was with my dog. And my nieces and nephews, because babies do that sometimes.

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By j-i-a on Would You Ever Buy a Pair of "Anti-Rape Underwear"?

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I punched myself in the face the other day while trying to separate a pair of knee socks from a pair of tights

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By j-i-a on Would You Ever Buy a Pair of "Anti-Rape Underwear"?

@queenofbithynia I don't think you are raging for fun or by reflex. I agree with all of your points. I find this underwear to be terrible.

It's pretty overwhelming to be in almost total agreement with a person (except for the fact that I would, very much, like to reserve my judgment for any woman's individual decision to like these or buy them) and then read a comment like that. One of the things that I and a lot of people always loved about this site was that the mainpage wasn't ever a repository for full-on outrage and hate; I try to operate under the same idea and I'll take whatever "FUCKING REALLY, HAIRPIN?"s come with it.

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By Dandyliongirl on Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@frumious bandersnatch AGREED ON EVERYTHING. I absolutely identified with Lyra (or I wanted to be her, at any rate). And obviously Anne Shirley is queen of everything.

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