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On Ask a Three-Year-Old: Purpose

I'm not sure I buy a three year old knowing about Joyce Carol Oates.

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On A Sochi Dispatch

@stonefruit Also my thoughts! I have to do this at my grandparents house sometimes, and they live in Central Ontario. Lots of places just don't have plumbing that can handle it.

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On Joan Didion on Woody Allen

There's also this piece from Vanity Fair in 1992 which really helps you understand the whole situation even more, and it is epicly fucked. There's tons of stuff in there I didn't know, like that Soon-Yi is both developmentally and learning disabled. Whole new layer of yuck on that aspect too.

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On You Can Give ME All Your Diamonds, Though!

That is...not what I thought "diamonds are forever" meant? I thought it was referring to them being the hardest substance so they last forever?

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On A Shopping List From the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalog

That the Sears catalogue doesn't have any of these things in it any more explains a lot about why Sears is going under.

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On America Will Wear White Pants

Every single one of these outfits I've seen does not look nearly warm enough for fucking RUSSIA.

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On Coming Out Late In the Game, Embracing the Inner Bridezilla, and Recharging Your Libido

@Quinn A@twitter In my experience this is usually true, but the likelihood of people keeping it to themselves greatly decreases if you have an open bar.

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On An Interview with Porpentine, Maker of Mutant Feminist Cyber Games

Yaaay! More rad women in games plz! (There are so many!)

"The importance of pretty dresses, big gems and gorgeous nail polish to the game development process."

It's true, this is how I write my games.

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On Two Alleged Instances of "Penis Captivus"

Isn't there like a whole disorder where your veginal muscles can clamp down involuntarily? I'm sure that's happening mid-coitus to SOMEONE.

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On Lucy's Conquests

Dammit my dog only likes charming old ladies and teenage girls. He is a boy dog though, I guess it makes sense.

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