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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

I would look TERRIBLE in that bra but I can fully appreciate not spending that much money on moisturizer. JUST BUY OLIVE OIL. Or coconut oil. Or whatever!
But yes, expensive lipstick is a true joy of life and I recently spent $41 on a Nars Audacious lipstick and two months later I am still so happy about it.

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On A Prayer for Cookie Lyon

I love this, but I am confused as to whether it is a prayer FOR Cookie or TO Cookie.

It should be to, because I literally worship her.

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On Adventures in Sexting: An Interview with Kara Stone

@cosmia You did! That's awesome! (Haha Toronto is such a small big place!)

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

@SarahHyphen omg WHAT

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On What to Wear in Westeros: Dressing and Undressing in the Seven Kingdoms

It's kind of hard to read on the show, but Dany's newer, richer costumes almost ALWAYS have details that evoke scales, connecting her to her dragons and the power that they bring her.

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On Let's Hold Hands and Talk About the True Detective Finale

I...really did not care for the finale. I thought it was super cliche (like I know this is a southern gothic but for the love of christ did it have to be fucking incestuous hillbillies? there are Anne Rice novels with more creative endings.)
The only scene I liked was the part with Rust and Marty at the hospital, but then it lost me again as soon as Rust started talking about darkness and light because then it got all "STOP HITTING ME OVER THE HEAD WITH YOUR THEMES YOU ARE NOT A NINTH GRADER TRYING TO WRITE A 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY, SHOW."
Uh, anyway yeah.

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On How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Vikings hits like half of these, FYI.

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On Feminist Twitter Avatars

Am I encouraged to actually use these, because I wanna use the tampon lassoing the uterus pretty badly.

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On The True Detective Emoji Puzzle

The only one I understand is the butt stuff one.

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On Not True Detective But

Being an elaborate murder coverup perpetrated by the cables WOULD explain why the it seemed like the department was working against them in '95.

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