On Limericks For Lost Online Dates

"What is the deal with Seinfeld reruns?!"

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On Estate Jewelry: Dead Cromwell Edition

@monicamcl Delighted that you like! Cheers!

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On Estate Jewelry: Dead Cromwell Edition

Always fascinating information, besides the shiny pretty things! The Cromwell burial plaque reminded me, just the other day I happened to see pictures of a mourning ring for Charles I, that reminded me of this series: http://www.laurapreshong.com/blog/100-favorite-rings-in-100-days-2.html

--and lo! Today, a new installment! Signs and portents, I declare.

I especially loved the beetle brooch--and your speculation about a beetle duel--and the Lion in Winter ring!

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On Estate Jewelry: Hippocampi, 18th Century Febreze, and a Circus You Can Wear

Ah, so lovely! (Lilies of the valley are one of my very favorite flowers, but I can just hear my boyfriend's laughter at the price estimates if I show him that lovely necklace and make pointed reference to my birthday.)

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On You Are Not a Descendant

Just wonderful!

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On On Ashol-Pan, the 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress

Amen, amen!

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On "What is the probability, given that Ross painted a happy tree, that he then painted a friend for that tree?" (93%)

How delightful that someone did this!

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On 10 Things I Learned From Editing Obituaries for Two Years

Really lovely perspectives. Thank you for writing this.

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On Coming Out Late In the Game, Embracing the Inner Bridezilla, and Recharging Your Libido

So many gems! A Queer Chick, I do love your column.

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On Lucy's Conquests

@Killerpants and null: Yep, me too, very often.

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