On I Didn't Like Boyhood and I'm All Alone

You are not alone.

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On My Late Adolescent Poetry, Translated Into Plain English

Toooooo close to home!

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

LW3, the Modern Family family gets along great.

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On Spoiler-Free Meditations on Last Night's The Newsroom

@Nicole Cliffe I fell off a treadmill. One second I was slowing down, the next second I was realizing I was taking a dive, the next second I was shooting off the back of the treadmill and rolling onto the floor. Then all of the personal trainers ran over to me and shouted, "ARE YOU OK?!?!?!" And I said, "yes!" got up, hurried away, and was so disoriented I walked into the men's locker room. Big bruise on my butt. So, the moral is, ladies be fallin off treadmills.

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On Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)

Of a Kind is my favorite place to buy presents - makes me feel like a conscientious and fashionable gift giver. Which is the best kind!

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Strangers Have Said

Riding the G train home from work, I reach my stop and start to get up, but a man kind of walks in front of me, so I sit back down and wait for him to pass. He turns around, blocking the exit, and starts shouting, "WHAT? WHAT'S THE MATTER, LITTLE WHITE BITCH? AFRAID TO PASS BY A BLACK MAN? AFRAID OF THIS BLACK MAN? GO AHEAD!" (he gestures for me to walk by him) "GO AHEAD, YA LITTLE WHITE BITCH!" I declined.

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On Interview: Of a Kind's Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo on Style and Dandelion Dye

In Character is the answer to my daydreams. Also, I love these women a million.

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