On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

I adopted Ellen Cherry (yes! from the Tom Robbins novel) from the Humane Society in the small college town I lived in at the time. She's a red chow mix, so fluffy, and wears too much eyeliner like her mama. She was already an adult who had made puppies of which we know nothing, and the Humane Society there didn't test their animals for anything, or perform any real veterinary care, so the day I adopted her we found out at my vet that she had an extremely enlarged heart from heartworm. She was already afraid of people, and then had to spend 2 months in isolation in my bathroom while she went through the injections she needed. That, plus an emergency trip when she reacted badly to the medication (I'm STILL shaken up from that) rang up to maybe $1000? Thank god for small town vets who offer payment plans.
It all turned out ok, she's my faithful hound. She's about 9 years old now, best we can figure. She still gives major side-eye to the husband and children I've since added to the family.

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On Did They Top That?

I'm wearing my hair like that NOW.

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On Golden Mean Pumpkin Muffins

@aphrabean This is me!!! Awful welts. Feels like bees in my face. I've been on the no-gluten train for a while, and done so much experimentation... and for baking substitution, the best I've found is King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour, but I also sometimes use quinoa flour. Good luck in your welt-reduction.

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On Hi, I'm Jane Marie...

Best news all year! Yay Jane!

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

@Gnatalby I'm certain she did, and I hope it's with her TO THIS DAY. Making up crap about medical-crisis scars? Beyond. And that she had the eggs to approach your mom!

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

@Gnatalby Huh. I don't know where I stand on the mean girl spectrum. In fifth grade I cut off a hunk of ponytail belonging to the girl who started an "I Hate Annah Club." I'm not proud, but I'm not sorry... the club was started shortly after the Mean Girls, formerly my friends, attended a sleepover at my house that my mentally disabled brother repeatedly invaded. I have no proof, but to this day I feel they are connected incidents. They thought he was terrifying and gross,and shortly thereafter brutally excommunicated me. I'm still living with that, but I'm sure her hair is fine?

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

@Miss Cay I got some more bad news. I'm 31. I just got back from an ice-cream social (!!) at my 4 year old's elementary school. I completely heard the PTA moms whispering about me while they served ice cream. Specifically, my shorts were inappropriate, my leopard cardigan was inappropriate, and I shouldn't be letting my accompanying 2-yr old girl be having ice cream.
Guess what I'm drinking while 'pinning? Wine!

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On Back to School Clothes

@vodkasaurus that was my color too! i looked like i had pneumonia.

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On A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Couture Hacks

holy crapsauce! this will fix my most giant fall/winter style problem: how skirts always stick to and bunch up over tights! it always made me so angry when women would natter on about layering their skirts and dresses to extend them into the cold season, it never worked for me but now i will be the master of mid-weight skirts over tights! i am GIDDY.

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On Tips for Moving to Atlanta, U.S.A.

@mrawbot Last Chance reprazent! I love that place.

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