On Jokes

@Emby Two birds were sitting on a perch. One turned to the other and asked, "Do you smell fish?"

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On Lap Dances Are Awful

Perhaps the Hairpin and/or its writers should try a few more bachelor parties/strip clubs -- or dig up one or two of those guys I've heard of who really, really enjoy such clubs and lap dances and bring large rolls of money with them to said establishments. And write, too, about the things that happen in the champagne room despite what they may do in the magical land of Portland.

My own experience is very limited as I'm another of those "enlightened" not-a-big-fan-of-strip-clubs (or bachelor parties for that matter), but I've heard plenty and seen a bit. While at a bachelor party in New Orleans, a stripper approached our table at the club and offered to go back to our room for the remainder of the night. No one took her up on it, but I can't imagine that was a one in a million situation. And she made it clear she was going to do more than lap dancing.

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