My Foreign Mom

Mary HK Choi has written something so beautiful and sad and funny that there's no point in rabbiting on about it any longer than that: READ MORE

"Halo," LP

Clear your calendar so you can begin emailing your friends LP's live cover of Beyonce's "Halo" immediately. You can toss in Shani O. Hilton's 28 Afro Problems while you're at it.

"I suppose this is precisely why they don’t keep it in the museum."

Colin Shepherd, sweetly, on beds, the Met, and the late E. L. Konigsburg: READ MORE

What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

The Wall Street Journal is asking that very question (in a more gender essentialist manner), and swings almost immediately into very specific, gendered claims: READ MORE

"Wichita Lineman," Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell is pretty sick with Alzheimer's, but also has a new album coming out, so let's take a moment to appreciate his greatest musical achievement (well, to be fair, the brilliant Jimmy Webb wrote it). There's something very special about "Wichita Lineman," you know? Here's a lovely piece about how it came to be.

Mattel Continues Being Mattel

"Organic gardening and school art supplies are perfectly acceptable issues for young girls to tackle, but contrasted with Samantha taking on the entire practice of child labor (as opposed to just rescuing her one friend from factory exploitation), these plotlines keep good works close to home, focusing only on issues that affect their own backyards and school days. Problems that mainly affect people who, echoing the My American Girl dolls appeal, look "just like me." After the entry-level critiques of capitalism (Samantha), Native American persecution (Kirsten), and traditional domestic roles for women (Felicity), perhaps the time has come for a doll who takes her fourth-grade class on a field trip to Occupy Wall Street." READ MORE

Ranch Life

I started watching this small documentary about ranching in Montana ("Ridin' For the Brand"), mostly because literally every single protagonist is a member of my friend's extended family in Big Timber, also featured in Sweetgrass, one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. There aren't a lot of smaller ranchers left, and it's a hard life. I mean, to say it's a hard life is really to devalue it: it's a nineteenth-century-level hard life (for an American.) READ MORE

I Heart Depressing Charts

Thanks, Tom Hanks. We always knew you had our (aging, aching) backs. Now, who volunteers to resuscitate Kristen Stewart after this woman takes her out?

Fly Girls and Fresh Princes

WORN Fashion Journal presents a supercut of exuberant early '90s fashion.

RIP, Rita MacNeil

I had an obituary post planned for Rita MacNeil (the late Canadian folksinger) for a couple of days, but I kept yanking it because the (very funny) clip of her Trailer Park Boys cameo I was using had our heroes waving guns around like idiots, as is their wont, and it seemed inappropriate considering the events of last week. So, instead, here is a lovely tribute from the CBC. She was a great lady, and she had a rough start in life. READ MORE