On Shared Spaces, Lie-Measurement, and the Manageable Hassle

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I see what you did there. :)

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On Doing the Limbo

I will be in limbo in two more days! The movers come in three days! Ahhhhh. Tell me to get off the Hairpin and get back to my far-too-long-to-finish work to-do list.

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On How Your Sweet Valley High Gets Made

@melis SPOILER: I have not read it, but I think this is the premise of the new "Sweet Valley Confidential" ten-years-later book.

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On Baby, Sexy, Bitch

Maybe the biggest benefit of my hearing loss is that I am oblivious to most of the street harassment that comes my way, but man, if I am really only hearing 40% of it, I don't even want to think about the rest.

I have noticed that I get the MOST harassment when I am wearing my reflective running vest that says "DEAF" on it. (I run on a busy multi-use path with a lot of bikers and can't hear them say "on your left!") What is the point of harassing someone that you think can't even hear you? It's a mystery.

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On Estate Jewelry: Sapphires, Marble Apples, and Two Fish With Crackers

The setting on the pink diamond ring is kind of freaking me out! It looks like claws reaching up or something!

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On How Ya Been, Pin Pals?

My pinpal is awesome! And I owe her a letter. My excuse is that I was waiting until I had a new address in my new city to give her, and since I FINALLY have a place to live, now I can do that!

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On The Blog of Satisfying Tables

@leon.saintjean New feature idea: What Is on Your Desk Right Now?

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On Drinks for Hot Days, Like This One

@josiahg How convenient for all of us!

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On Friday Open Thread

@josiahg I will but it is my very last free day in Chicago, so the odds of flaking on you in favor of the aquarium are high.

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On Friday Open Thread

@VolcanoMouse Yes yes yes! All the twirly circle skirts! I think those would be pretty popular on Etsy.

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