On Friday Open Thread

@lemonadefish @upupandaway Second the Fit! I have that turquoise one and it is great! I used truecar.com to avoid the haggling in person issue. But yeah Fit has good gas mileage and lots of room (I go antiquing a lot). I live in a small town in rural Virginia, so it's not the best choice for mountains and gravel roads, but it has been fine so far. I paid less than 16k, and got an insane interest rate through Honda because I was a recent graduate.

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On Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by Not Letting Random Guys Get Credit for Your Work

See also Suzanne Briet, the library world is raising awareness about her ideas being misattributed to a man in a textbook:


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On All Things Converge

Ack, relevance. Just had a break up with my boyfriend of four years, but it was super mutual and amicable which I think might make the friend boundaries harder? We live(d) together, but he has slept elsewhere since it happened a few days ago. We hadn't been having much sex anyway, so that doesn't concern me, but I don't know about the emotional intimacy line. How do you define that when you still have tremendous amounts of goodwill toward the other person, you just need space or something. It's weird.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Eliot

@RNL Yeah it kind of blows.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Eliot

@Briony Fields You're not the only one. I'm in a four year relationship, but before I started going out with him, I remember thinking "this guy is great, I just can't picture myself having sex with him."

Though I also wonder how much has to do with deep, deep self-esteem/undesirability issues. Hmm. Like if I don't find myself sexy, I can't believe that anyone else would.

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On Friday Open Thread

@synchronized See I feel okay with time management, I just don't want to do the things I've set aside time to do. Energy levels are part of it, but mostly just a total lack of desire. Is that depression? Haha.

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On Friday Open Thread

Is anyone else a fundamentally lazy person who wants desperately to be a workaholic? Help?

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On Friday Open Thread

@rimy Everyone keeps saying this but for some reason I'm convinced it's a giant advertising ploy and everyone I know has been paid to say it's good. That might be unreasonable.

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On Friday Open Thread

What to do about a depressed/bummed out partner? Or maybe, how to tell if it is one or the other? My boyfriend is usually a pretty chipper guy, but has lately been brought down by job/career struggles. He's employed, but in a soul-sucking place to pay the bills, not in his dream career (which would probably take more school which he is afraid won't be worth it). He had a part time teaching job in the fall and now that it's over, he gets bummed out without the evenings full. He went to a volunteer orientation, but still came home disappointed from that. He considered therapy, but doesn't want to be dependent on someone like that? I just don't know how much to leave him alone, how much to try to talk to him about it, how much to turn on the Supportive Girlfriend knob, etc.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Regina Phalange If you want something unnatural, the acne medication, Benzaclin that actually made my face better just stopped being prescription only. Now I can get it at Walgreens for like $8 and I can live my life again. I'm 24 and my acne has never gone away. It is really drying, but I'll take it for just have a clear face for more than 1 day a month.

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