On Here Is a Video of Robyn Meeting a Robyn Robot

Hey quirky women in your twenties/thirties (mostly European women) why do you love the mushroom haircut I had in 1995? Can we all please agree to just do a cool wedge that's almost the same exact thing except it's like 10x as flattering

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On Lily Allen, "Hard Out Here"

Ugh ugh ugh

Stuff like "the fear" and "22" said the same stuff but at least halfway poetically. This is didactic like feminism 101 level cliches... it's like her songwriting has reverted back to teenager quality, and the hunger is gone. stick a fork in lily she's done

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

not a huge fan but if i can thank it for one thing, it's that in the first decade or so of the internet it was assumed that all the shitty ALL CAPS F U LOSER flaming comments on the internet were from angry young white dudes. then jezebel and tumblr proved women were just as good, and when a bunch of internet sites switched to facebook linking accounts for posting, it proved old people were posting as much, if not more uninformed ranting garbage. now at least the internet is an equal cesspool.

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On M.I.A., "Come Walk With Me"

not listening. as far as i am concerned, all credibility was lost after truffle fries

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On Alternate Theories to Explain the Greenwich Anteater's Immaculate Conception

@Xapno negative... the anteater clearly exists without sin

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On The Future of "Page Three Girls"

what ever happened to being sex positive? if you're mad at men start your own media empire and publish page 3 boner boys, don't just be a party pooper and take away what other ppl enjoy

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On Spoiler: It's Not Gonna Work

Horses are for Aspergers. Quit gentrifying horse therapy neurotypicals

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On Really Good Books: Scandals of Classic Hollywood Edition

Audrey Hepburn wouldn't give head? I've never been disappointment like this before =\

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On On Second Chances

@The Lady of Shalott "Emotional free will" is oxymoronic. Someone either responds to their emotions, or doesn't. Your emotions are not something that isn't you or make you see red as blue.

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On Unsettling Repetitions in Contemporary Literature: The Art of Fielding

It's a shame you aren't cuter because you are really funny and attentive to noticing weird things in writing, which means you're probably p. smart

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