On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I love the pig races! Do you know how they make the pigs race? AN OREO ON A STRING.

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On Ways in Which Hashtags Will Further Ruin Your Facebook Feed

@yeah-elle It also occurred to me after I made that previous comment that people probably do this partly because it gets them more notes -- people are more likely to reblog a pretty gifset with no commentary, or just a line or two of dialogue from the show or citing which episode it's from, than one that has a whole long paragraph of commentary and analysis below it. (Or at least, this is my impression, based partly on my own reblogging habits.) So if you've put a bunch of time and effort into making a beautiful gifset, and you want as many people to see it as possible, maybe you put your thoughts in the tags instead of in the post with the goal of getting more people to reblog it.

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On Ways in Which Hashtags Will Further Ruin Your Facebook Feed

@yeah-elle I think that's definitely part of it -- like, don't take this seriously, I'm not trying to claim that I'm an expert or that I know a lot or put a lot of thought into this! Which I think is partly because sometimes it really is something that you didn't put much thought into and don't really want to get into a debate about, and partly because of socialization that it's unladylike to admit that you know stuff or to have strong opinions (not that everyone on Tumblr is ladies or cares about being ladylike, but especially in fandom circles, I think it does skew young and female). Although when it's on a reblogged post, it may also be partly because people don't want to bother the folks higher up the reblog chain with their fandom thoughts. Tags don't show up in the notification you get when someone reblogs your post, but the first few words of any comment they add do.

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@Apocalypstick I am pretty sure I've had this debate about Animagi before, too.

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@RK Fire I am DEFINITELY interested in ghost romance.

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On Who Wears Denim Underwear?

@Spicy Bubbles Yeah, this is what did it for me -- when I started my student teaching, and attended the Open House night the week before school actually started, and as I looked around at the middle-schoolers I thought, "OH MY GOD GO HOME AND PUT ON SOME GODDAMN PANTS WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS oh shit I am no longer young."

(I also followed that thought up with "Dang, some of these dads are HOT," which didn't help either.)

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On This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date

@fondue with cheddar Wand of magic missile, so he doesn't have to waste spell slots on it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@drydenlane Ooh, you made me look up showtimes at the Laurelhurst and they're playing The Pit and the Pendulum this week. Plans for the evening: MADE.

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On Friday Open Thread

@trappedinabay Wait, I'm curious -- maybe you've told this part of the story before and I missed it, but how did you get her to come to her senses? (If you don't mind sharing, of course.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheRisottoRacket No, it's not weird! (I mean, in the sense that it's unusual, probably yes. In the sense that there's something WRONG with it, definitely no.) I went to a friend's wedding solo even after I was married -- like with you, there were long-distance issues involved, and it was a friend from high school who my husband didn't know very well, so he decided to pass on all the trouble of coming. Most people there had never even met my husband, so weren't particularly disappointed or surprised not to see him, and when people did ask, I just said something like, "Oh, he's working out of state and wasn't able to make it down" and did not get any weird or critical responses. (I did feel bad halfway through the reception when I realized that somehow that hadn't gotten communicated to the bride, and may have blurted something like "Oh my God, did you think my husband was shunning you? IT'S FINE HE'S JUST IN OREGON." So, uh, don't do that. But otherwise you should be fine.)

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