On Guess the Disney Movie

@sophia_h ... oh. Oh my God. What a perfect story, thank you.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@steponitvelma Strangely enough, I actually love the B52s. It's JUST "Love Shack".

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@blushingflower I've found the best way to deal with "The Christmas Shoes" is to assume that the kid is conning the singer, and will be back in a couple hours to return the shoes for cash.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

"Love Shack". My only regret about my wedding is that I wish I had hired a different DJ, and that is like 80% because she asked me for a list of banned songs, I told her the entire list was "Love Shack," and then she FUCKING PLAYED IT.

P.S. This might be my favorite comment thread ever.

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On Did We Live Up To Our Yearbook Pages?

One of my friends decided to write my name in my yearbook in big, beautiful, calligraphic script and got so wrapped up in making it pretty that she -- hilariously -- misspelled it. It took up like half a page. This is basically my favorite memory of high school.

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On The Marriage Pie

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll You know the best thing about the food processor I received as a wedding gift? Its packaging included a French translation, which referred to it as a "robot culinaire".


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On Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

@wee_ramekin For what it's worth, it looks like that banner was made with this generator, where the stiletto is the only "shoe" icon available. (Which seems nuts, by the way. There are categories for Hobbies, Lifestyles, and Sports, and none of those include a running shoe? COME ON.) I agree that it would be better with a pink sneaker, but I can understand why, in the absence of that option, the person who made it went with "pink shoe" rather than trying to cobble something relevant together from the other options.

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On Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

@stuffisthings But... I wouldn't automatically call a filibuster "unfair and undemocratic" if it was being used against a bill I supported. I would bitch and moan about it, certainly, and do whatever I could to support any efforts to break the filibuster, but as long as the filibustering party was following the rules I would not call it unfair, because that's a legitimate tactic provided for in the rules.

If you think filibustering is undemocratic and don't want to see it happen, regardless of the circumstances -- which is a reasonable position -- then go after the parliamentary rules that make it possible. But in the meantime, if my opponents are going to take full advantage of the rules to try and defeat me, I'm going to do the same, and I find it depressing that your reaction to that is to say, basically, "Well, it may be in the rules but it's not sporting, and don't you want to be better than them?"

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On American Humor Outed

@mlle.gateau Yup. It's worth knowing that sweet tea is very common, and that if someone offers to pour you a glass of iced tea in, like, their home, you may want to ask whether it's sweet or not, but this is definitely not likely to be a problem in restaurants.

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On American Humor Outed

@fondue with cheddar Or if you live near a Fiesta Mart, they also have an excellent "international" department that includes English products. (Their website copy also refers to "Irish style bacon," but I don't recall whether they have a separately-signed Irish section or what -- Wegman's may be ahead of them in that regard.)

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