On Are You a Grown Woman? An Informal Survey

I'm 35, I have a 15-year-old kid and a law degree, I've bought, restored, and sold a house, been engaged, lost a parent and my best friend, etc. And I still don't feel like an adult; I feel more like a superinformed 18 year old.

I use "lady" a lot. Probably because male lawyers are just referred to as "lawyers," but oftentimes female lawyers are referred to as, well, "female lawyers," and I feel like saying "lady lawyer" or "lady attorney" highlights how ridiculous and archaic that is.

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On I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.



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On The Best Time My Sister and I Got Kicked Out of Rugged Sleepaway Camp

YES. I went to a slightly less rustic camp, but a rather frequent punishment there was that the Camp Director, a woman in her 50s, would go into your cabin and "toss" your bed, cubby, etc. by throwing all of your bedding and clothing on the floor, or out the front door of the cabin.

This coming from another bunk, as a manifestation of a prank-based rivalry: acceptable.
This coming from a grown-ass lady who was mad at you for some minor infraction: suuuuper creepy.

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On The Online Dating Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

"The Game nubile work hard play hard I'm a nice guy I am a gentleman first and foremost don't waste my time." JUICEBOX ALERT JUICEBOX ALERT

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

I am a white lady in my mid-30s who lives in a city and has never done yoga. Not out of any opposition to it, just never got around to it. Confounded scientists want to study me. Dogs bark at me when I pass.


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On Six Decades of Harriet the Spy Covers

Ugh, there's a rebooted Harriet the Spy series, which Louise Fitzhugh's estate approved, and it is apparently beyond dreck. They make Harriet "kooky."

I remember my friend and I reading the book and really wanting to hide in her dumbwaiter. I think her mom warned us the ropes were really old and we'd likely fall to our deaths.

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On A Guide to Coachella FOMO

@parallel-lines SEE ALSO: Spirit hoods. Categorically THE WORST.

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On A Guide to Coachella FOMO

@bitzyboozer Same here, but it was living in New Orleans, with its festival-based economy. SHITTY ACOUSTICS, $8 WATER AND POOPING IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND IS THE BEST

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On C-Sections in America

@fabel They're not always visible. I had a 9 and 1/2-pound baby via c-section (I didn't have the c-section because he was big; it was for other reasons), but the scar is super-thin, maybe 3-4 inches long, and very low-down on my abdomen. I don't know if this was due to the surgeon's skill, or how I'm built, or what, but it is possible to have one without noticeable scarring.

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On Name That Book!

@Cowgirl Rose @ironhoneybee I was going to ask about this exact book! Mystery solved!

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