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On 4 Hot Hues for an On-Trend Fall: Smaragdine, Fulvous, Coquelicot, Wenge

@j-i-a @stonefruit I like the 4 separate adjectives for 'chestnut colo[u]red'. Horse descriptions of yore?

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On 4 Hot Hues for an On-Trend Fall: Smaragdine, Fulvous, Coquelicot, Wenge

You guys! Guys. There are so many more fantastic color names.

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On Twin Shadow, "Silent All These Years" (Tori Amos Cover)

PS22's version of Winter. D: <3 <3 <3

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On This Summer: Stop Buying $5 Iced Coffees

Aaagh I am an idiot, why have I never thought of straining cold brew with my French press! I have a dusty Toddy system somewhere, but its filters are revolting + buying new filters is harrrrd + French press has built-in washable plunger. (But tiny coldbrew batches?) ((But CONVENIENCE??))

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@heartubleachie MakeupAlley probably has many opinions on that front, if I recall correctly. I think the main deal with matte topcoats is they can be streaky -- I have a cheap NYC Cosmetics matte topcoat which I like OK, and one from ELF (which smells like chemical warfare AND can streak). Streakiness doesn't matter so much if you're mattifying glitter, but otherwise -- I hear good things about Essie's matte about you. Look at online comparison pics, too -- some "matte" topcoats are more of a natural/buffed look, which is still glossier than I want.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@heartubleachie While I love a new bottle of Seche Vite, it gets gummy/shrinky about halfway through. There's some poison/potion you can buy to restore it to its proper viscosity, but: why bother. I've been using Orly's Sec'n'Dry, which I find to be great BUT slightly less glossy than SV.

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On The Award for Best Lipstick

I love this YSL glossy stain SO MUCH in Orange de Chine. But I am a freak, and any orange that is not SUPER ORANGEY looks plain coral on me, whereas corals that most people say are "too orangey" just look boring ol' coral-pink. And I'm for-real pale!

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On How to Start Making Chili

@mustelid I shall look for this Golden Mountain voodoo next time I'm at an Asian market -- I've yet to find one particularly close to me. BUT! Last time I found an eensy hole-in-the-wall Asian grocery, I scored a BIG bottle of fish sauce, plus a bottle of mushroom-flavored (?) vegetarian (?) stir-fry sauce. And also two types of "soup base" that are like 800% of your daily sodium per tsp.

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On How to Start Making Chili

- For vegetarian chili, we often use 3+ types of beans, jalapeños, tomatoes, mushrooms, maybe Boca crumbles, I think spinach once?? but we'll have to try kale. (And onion, garlic, cumin, smoked paprika, various peppers, BEER, possibly cocoa and/or instant coffee, etc.)

- FISH CHILI, DO IT. White fish, white beans, tomato, all the normal stuff except for beef.

- Our biggest challenge is not OVER-peppering chili, as, to wit, the spice cabinet[s] contain: ancho powder, 'normal'(?) chili powder, generic red pepper flakes, aleppo pepper flakes, dried guajillo peppers, chipotle flakes, habanero flakes, cayenne, New Mexico powder..

- Thanks to a coworker, my 'secret' addition to nearly all non-vegetarian recipes is: FISH SAUCE. It deepens/salts/umamis the flavors, and I cannot live without it.

Also, I love peas, and add them to many things.. but not chili. Never chili.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

Aaah I have a modified pixie, and pretty fine hair. I was not a believer in Product until I had short hair, but I compulsively try A ZILLION THINGS (texturizing paste, Redken Rewind, hair wax, "water wax" which is basically pomade, wavyhair mousse when my bangs are longer, various dry shampoos, ET CETERA?!) and never seem to find a solid favorite.
Sometimes the waxier products are great; sometimes they make my hair look greasy and heavy and awful. Sometimes mousse is actually a reasonable choice; sometimes it is crunchy. Sometimes you are wearing a wig for a production, and have your hair in gelled pin-curls under it, and when you're done you have THE BEST weird curly mohawk.
So as with all things beautymouse related, I just end up staring at hair product sections in stores and buying things because maybe THAT thing will be the best magic potion, and then I can tell the Pope?

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