On Of Long-Winded Female Writers and Role Models: Remembering Maeve Brennan

Great article! Thanks for that! I'm with you on the absence of german nonfiction that's also telling a story. Will check out the Joseph Roth book!

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On 9 Lines in the Marissa Mayer Profile That Are Lady-Specific and One Line That Is Not

I actually don't read the geek/beauty-comment as sexist. It's often used to refer to men too ("He says he's a geek, and really he DOES wear a geeky tshirt" or such nonsense). I would say it plays to the misconception that being a "geek" is a way of dressing rather than a way of thinking/behaving...

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On Reading Between the Texts: Is THIS Flirting?

I haven't read anything, I just hat to immediately voice my excitement. You're back!! Ahhhhhh!!!! I need to read now!!!!!

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On This Is a Goodbye Post

I haven't checked the site for two days and was so excited for all the article/comments in one big sitting and then this happens! Oh nooooes!! I'll never go away now, not even for a day, less someone else decides to leave behind my back!

Thanks Nicole for all the great articles and general awesomeness!

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Friday Open Thread

@Helvetica is it selling in other middle european countries, perhaps?

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Wow, that's a really good song and I like the color coded dudes!
You know, I just realized that Bonnie Tyler is singing for GB. Bonnie "Total Eclipse" Tyler. The song is pretty boring, but still, Bonnie Tyler!
I will have a category that is just "Bonnie Tyler" on my bingo sheet.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Of course! They need some subcategories though, like bad breakdance or traditional hopping...
Also: backupsingers that come on to lalala their way on stage. Like the norwegian winner who had it allll: backup dancers doing some norwegian traditional dance, beautiful blondes who did basically nothing and he was playing the violin to boot. He will always have a special place in my heart!

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I will!
Also on the list: inexplicable apparence of folkloristic people in the background. Men banging on drums. Gimmiky performance without meaning (Does anyone remember the man drawing with sand last year?).

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Ohhhhhh, i didn't know you could already watch them. How exciting! I seriously consider hosting a eurovisionparty this year. I need to construct a bingo sheet for it...

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