On Friday Open Thread

@nowwhat Okay so this is mostly copypasted from the last time someone asked about stuff to do in Baltimore, but:

- The Ottobar. They have 2-for-1 drinks on Tuesday nights.
- The Windup Space. There is frequently a cool thing going on there, and the stage is made to look like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.
- WC Harlan's. Good drinks, good vibe, kind of like a modern speakeasy I guess.
- Club Charles. Best jukebox!

- Meet 27. It is tasty kind of Indian/American fusion food, and is BYOB.
- Woodberry Kitchen. If you are really lookin' to Treat Yoself, go here.
- Lexington Market. If you eat meat you should go get a crab cake here, or so I've been told. You can also buy like, whole raccoons and muskrats and shit if you want something gross to pack in your carryon and make a stew when you get home.

Bars with good food:
- Brewer's Art! Get the rosemary garlic fries and/or the macaroni and cheese oh my gawww
- Golden West Cafe. Kind of like, nicer diner food and some southwest-fusion stuff.
- Rocket to Venus. A little pricey for what it is, but hey.

Fun stuff to do:
- American Visionary Art Museum. Outsider art from non-traditional/untrained artists. I always bring guests here.
- Wander around Hampden. It has antique stores and stuff. It is where Golden West Cafe and Rocket to Venus are located.

Check out the calendar on citypaper.com too, that's what I usually use to find stuff to do. Where, roughly, are you staying? I may be able to give some more targeted suggestions.

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On Time to Find a New Drink

@cherrispryte Bell's also doesn't distribute in MD. They distribute in DC, but it is hard to convince my boyfriend to bring me a 6-pack of Oberon on the train and then his bike to bring home for me. BELLLLLLLL'S

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

There is a Baltimore Pinner Facebook Group! Join it. We have done a few get togethers for food/drinks, and we also have a book club. We're meeting May 29th to discuss The Night Circus.

Also, while this isn't strictly Pinners, I host a board game happy hour every month. Sometimes some of the folks from the group come, and it is fun if you like board games/drinking!

Yay Bmore!

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On Get This Look: Board Games

@LilRedCorvette Aww yee! See you there maybe?

There is also a Baltimore 'Pinner group on Facebook and we do some stuff like a book club, are you on there?

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On Get This Look: Board Games

Is this where I can once again remind all Baltimore-area board game loving 'Pinners that you should totally come to my monthly board game happy hour some time?

Also horse head masks make everything better.

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On Friday Open Thread

@mrs psmith Bandaids, and if you want to be extra sure, criss crossed bandaids. I find the fabric ones work better than the plastic ones as far as not falling off.

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On "Sitting to Death"

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I posted this upthread, but one of my coworkers built one of these and is a big fan.

I'm just lazy.

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On "Sitting to Death"

@OhMarie One of my coworkers made one of these: http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html

He is pretty happy with it, and when you don't want to use it you can just put it off to the side and put your monitor back on the regular desk. It's basically like the "stack of books" idea only slightly more expensive, but also less prone to bookvalanches.

His number once piece of advice is to get a yoga mat to stand on.

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On "The only reason I'm on here is to plug my hamburger blog": Dudes on OkCupid

I guess some of these lines were pretty funny, but man that was unlistenable.

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On Conversations With Old Men

The old men who sit on the corner of my block were always so nice, always saying hello and they learned my name but oh god there were like eight of them that all gave me their one syllable man names at once so I never knew theirs.

Anyway I always liked saying hello to them until the day that I was coming home from a run, and:
"[mustelid]! I haven't seen you in so long!"
"Yeah, I know, how have you been?"
"Great, how about you!"
"You know, I know you're not supposed to say this but... you've gained a lot of weight, huh?"


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