On Let Me Love You

Oooh...so many feelings about this. In a lot of ways I feel like I could have written this myself, the regret from pursuing romance over friendship, the shame from taking part in the "girl hate", using "meanness" as the only power available to me, it all rings true. But at the same time I want to say, I can't love someone just because they are a woman! I have some real issues with some people, and I always feel so bad (like I'm being a bad feminist for not liking them, not supporting them) but it's because they were mean to me, or I have a serious disagreement with the way they chose to do things, or they were mean to my friends. And it's like High School all over again (except I'm not quite as much of a loner). This article is my major internal conflict..

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On A Six-Month Reading List

Tell me more about The Flamethrowers! My cook club is reading it, but our meeting got put off for a whole month..and I'm dying to talk about it. Like my feelings are very mixed...

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On 162 New Emoji We Need Right Now

@redridinghoodrat yes! That's exactly what I was thinking!

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On Petition to Let Cinderella Wear Flats

That doesn't even make sense...it was the wicked step sisters who cut their feet to for the shoes, not Cinderella! I guess wicked step sister surgery doesn't have quite the same ring...

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On You're One in Eight Million

This article could not be more timely for me...I've recently decided that I need to make concrete steps to finding new friends, it's helpful to read this essay and the comments and know that I am not entirely alone. I have ventured lightly into meetup, but no luck so far so I guess I need to cast a wider net...and work on myself, cuz I know I am my own biggest hurdle.

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On You're One in Eight Million

@upupandaway hi! I pressed send by mistake! I was going to comment that the fear of feeling like an uncool old or something was what has kept me away from pinups (everyone seems so young!) then I changed my mind and now I don't want an empty comment so I'll go ahead...um... I hope for both of our sakes that we can try again, with more success.

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On A Perfect Meal for Two

Nicole, I sincerely thought that this was written by M.F.K. Fisher. Great writing, I don't even love scallops but I loved reading this.

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On A Perfect Meal for Two

@PatatasBravas Monkfish liver...mmmmmm. The best liver there is.

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On Lana Del Rey Covers Leonard Cohen, "Chelsea Hotel"

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll @loren smith My guy and I saw him in Oakland! It was so good, I'd say best concert I'd ever been to. Absolutely worth the ticket price, trip from LA to Oakland and staying in the sleaziest hotel I've ever seen! Plus the Paramount Theater in Oakland is gorgeous. The sound was perfect, I didn't even care that I had tears streaming down my face. I've been unable to listen to anything but LC since... not that that's a problem!

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On All the Emojis, Drawn

I find myself feeling dissatisfied when I have to text someone who has a not-iPhone, because I can't use emojis and have to resort to :-),;-),>:-/. Way less cute.
Also, is there some way we could get these drawings as our emojis? They are adorable! Someone should really get on that!

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