On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

@fondue with cheddar Yup. For a boy my mother liked "Joey." She felt that you should name your kid what you intend to call them, instead of naming them something else to get to that nickname. "Joey Smith, VP Finances" would have been horrible. Fortunately we were all girls.

I ended up with a fairly bland, unisex name. (I like the name on other people, but not on me. My only consolation is that they inadvertently named me after my father, by way of a nickname he had never used.) I was almost Jill, which I would have preferred, at least until a Korean friend informed me that in her language a word with very similar pronunciation meant "vagina."

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On Can You Use It in a Sentence?

"Misogynist" is one of those words I can never ever spell correctly, even with awareness of the root words and meanings.

I finally mastered "vacuum," though, and I am super proud of that.

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On The Spinach-Dill-Walnut-Onion Frittata

@formergr I've made a lot of frittatas in my day, and I have never put yogurt in any of them. Any sort of milk or cream is fine. You can probably even omit the dairy all together.

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On The Least Appealing Foods I’ve Eaten in Eight Years of Travel Writing

@Mira The snake heart description made me gag something fierce. Poutine râpée doesn't sound so bad now.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@ponymalta I'm a a weird in-between place with cilantro. I definitely get the soap taste, but only if it's in large quantities. I have a tube of the pre-minced stuff in the freezer, and a little squirt in a stew or beans is very nice, but too much or fresh cilantro does make everything taste like a dishwasher.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@Killer Kitties I think you're saying you have an issue with MSG, but on my first reading I thought you were allergic to Parmesan cheese. And I was like, just Parmesan, or all cheese?

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On Flannery O'Connor and a New Diet Book

I read an article recently about an organic, vegan, sweet potato-date muffin that contained ALMOST 1000 CALORIES, YOU GUYS!

The muffin weighed over half a pound.

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On The Girl Next Door

Well, I liked it. I thought it was just over-the-top enough.

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On Name That Book!

This one is about a girl who is raped or almost raped at - I think - a sorority party. The sorority has something to do with Athena (or possibly Minerva), or her handmaidens. The main character has grey eyes, which another character keeps bringing up because of Athena. I believe the assault happened on an island, and the girl escaped by kicking the dude in the junk and swimming away. I think everybody hates her after that because she refuses to join their sorority/club. Possibly her mother had been in that club.

Later she's cornered in her house by said dude, and when the phone rings, she gives the caller a lot of misinformation, which tips the caller off so they can come rescue her. (She pretends that she needs help in a class, when in reality she's the best at that subject.)

Aside from the details this sounds a bit like Speak, but it is not. This would have been published no later than the late 90s.

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On Name That Book!

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