On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: My Best Friend's Wedding

@HelloTheFuture 13 Going on 30 pleases me because it also ends with Man marrying Bride instead of Protagonist. (Well, until she time travels again and fixes everything, but in the first timeline she doesn't get what she wants just because she wants it.)

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On An Unhealthy Relationship (with Food)

Ugh - that pancake section makes me want to peel the skin off my face.

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On All Lotion Should Be Like This Lotion

@adriana I think it depends on the Dove line. The Dove body wash I have at the moment is covered in pink script with a picture of a flower and half a coconut on the front... Some of their packaging is a little more neutral, but most of them still have swooshy lines and pretty fonts.

I buy my dude the manly Dove body wash, which we always refer to as "Dove FOR MANS!!!" because they are totally trying to make the soap seem rugged, which is hilarious.

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

@Jaya My great-grandmother's entire china set is all boxed up at my parents house for me because not only can I not fit it in my apartment, I don't think I could even transport it all to my apartment in one go unless I rented a van. :(

However, I do have a mini-set of china at the apartment. It's just odd numbers of matching plates (I think I have 7 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, and like 18 side/dessert plates), but it's nice to have some good dishes for special occasions. (My everyday dishes are those old corelle ones everybody's parents had, with the little mustard colored flowers on the edges.)

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On Toward a Clarification of the Word "Chivalry"

@commanderbanana And it should be a good Spanish charger, not one of those cruddy pre-1066 English horses. Those things couldn't even carry a man and his armor into battle at any decent speed.

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On The Things We Hide

@frigwiggin Our bedroom goes from moderately cluttered to Hoarders when anybody else comes to visit. I'm fine with having a toppling stack of library books on the floor next to the coffee table, and partially used t-shirts strewn across a rarely used chair, but that doesn't mean I want anybody else to see it.

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On A Brief Encounter With Jane, the Queen of Chicago

@meetapossum Try the second version of the poem (close to the bottom) in this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2002/04/rose.htm

I can never think of the actual poem without thinking of that article's version.

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On The "Sprawling Dramedy" of America

@iceberg Is "all the indigenous peoples were killed" really taken seriously in Australia? Are there people who actually believe that?

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On The "Sprawling Dramedy" of America

@iceberg Of course hyperbole, but pretty accurate hyperbole, especially when we compare American methods to Canadian methods during their western pushes.

America - Manifest Destiny, slaughter, trail of tears, American exceptionalism, lies, massacre, Buffalo Bill, railroad!

Canada - Numbered Treaties, political arguments about railroads, assimilation. (That's not to say that Canada hasn't greatly wronged her natives as well, but it was a lot less flashy.)

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On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@iceberg When I was a kid my uncle brought me a koala pin with an opal belly from Australia. :p

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