On The Original Swiss Army Knife

I think I have a modern-day chatelaine. It's called my phone. (Hot glue a pair of folding scissors to the back and what else do you need, amirite?)

But I still want one of these ^.

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@BattyRabbit PRRRTPNE = pretty penny? Not sure why it needs so many RRRRs, though.

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On Did You Notice The Way Joyce Ramsay Pronounced "Massacre?"

@kickupdust Also: "vomit-trough"

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On The Three-and-a-Half-Hour Body

@Mary McKenna@facebook I hate that conflation as well, between fat and unfit (as if fitness and fatness are mutually exclusive). But ironically, the part of the video the still was taken from is making exactly your point: that exercise relieves most of the negative consequences usually attributed to fat. The equation she's writing is something like "obesity without exercise = poor health, obesity + exercise = (happy face)"

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

Oh, and also: I don't know if there is such a thing as a town so small it doesn't have the internet. The smaller and poorer it is, the more people want/need communal computers. 'Net cafes are *everywhere*.

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

@laurel I've gone to Mexico twice alone, and just this morning I was daydreaming about doing it again.

Both times I went to to smallish, gorgeous colonial towns with Spanish language schools and homestays. Dirt cheap, you learn the language fast, and best of all you meet other travellers who like the idea of learning about culture, and travelling with depth. The towns I went to were Guanajuato (pop 125,000) and Oaxaca (pop 250,000) and they were both fascinating.

(Dirt cheap means that in Oaxaca, two weeks of plain but private accommodation with WiFi, plus 27 hours of small-group Spanish instruction came to $330 USD.)

I had the best, best, best time, and I pretty much felt safe the whole time. Though I guess I should mention here that I'm a Canadian who can pass for a Mexican.

Next stop: San Cristobal de las Casas (maybe).

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On Save the Date, Toronto: October 20

@riveting ladee Sure. Come one, come awl!

I'll show myself out.

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On Save the Date, Toronto: October 20

@phlox I'm still checking. :)

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On Save the Date, Toronto: October 20

@phlox OMG. What a difference a couple of months makes, huh? And the more signs the better, I think. In fact, handcrafted Hairpin merit badges are sounding like a good idea at the moment. But I'm jacked up on a haystack brownie and can't be trusted to make valid judgements.

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On Save the Date, Toronto: October 20

@phlox Yes I'll be there. And I hope you can find the original sign because it was so perfect.

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