On Two Chord Mini-Playlist: Jessie Ware, Fleetwood Mac/Gigamesh, Joy Division/Chromatics

This made my terrible week much, much better...mostly by distracting me with chair-dancing until it's over. Thanks, Jia!

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On I Want to Believe: Discovering the Inner Scully

@leon s @lalaladododo I am soon to be 32, and I still do this ALL THE TIME. Except I prop my legs up against the wall and lie back. It's my regular 10 o'clock activity, and it is the best.

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On What Does Your Writing Implement Say About You?

RSVPs - fine point, black ink. Never blue. Purple, if I need flair. Or Ticonderogas, if I feel like a pencil.

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On The Pickpocket Article in "The New Yorker"

Ah, Henry Sugar...I love that book! I wasn't an especially dumb kid, but I did think maybe I could see through cards if I looked at a flame for long enough.

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On Spooky Scary Vegetables

Awesome! And maybe the first time I've ever appreciated broccoli.

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On Doing the Limbo

I basically can't contain my envy.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

@MissMushkila I recently found that a lot of high schools are like that. If I were a high school boy, I would be heading up the sit-in to protest that particular atrocity.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

@Curiouser and curiouser I guess it's also the way he talked about it? I've known plenty of guys that make poop and fart jokes, or think it's fascinating, but that didn't make them more attractive or anything. He seemed just very mature about it. Like, "I had to poop in front of other people and wasn't that weird, but there you go. Other countries are different!" It was like a confirmation of his general attitude toward life, if I'm not reading too much into it.

I could never be that nonchalant about it (must be something you learn in the Peace Corps?). And, stretching here a bit, maybe that's indicative of my attitude towards life. Hmm. What We Talk About When We Talk About Poop.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

The other night, I was talking to this guy (a straight, single guy for reference), and the subject of using bathrooms in other countries came up. I mentioned the doorless stalls at that "South of the Border" tourist trap and how unbelievable/mortifying I thought that was. He told a story about pooping in a public place Tibet, which was similarly open for others to see. I had only met him that night, and though we weren't flirting per se, it was two single people having a good conversation. I found myself oddly impressed that he could say that to a relative stranger in such an offhand, matter-of-fact way. I have to say, it did make him seem MORE attractive (what??). Don’t know if this situation would work in the reverse, like would he be turned off if I shared that story.
I feel like most people either never ever speak of it or find potty humor pretty much the funniest fucking thing ever and giggle at any mention of bodily functions. I live at the point where those 2 perspectives meet, kinda like how libertarians are somehow both liberal and conservative. I've been single for so long that the idea of talking about going to the bathroom with a dude that I also want to fuck seems impossible, but I've definitely done it in the past...I don’t know how you cross that bridge. But you just do. Scary shit…

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

@queenieliz I used to layer Supernova over Firebird, because the former is much thinner and wetter. It worked better over a coat of the thicker Firebird. Kinda bummed to find out they got rid of it entirely. So there you go...not a rant, and totally relevant.

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