On Really Good Books About History: Part One

The Lost Children of Wilder. OMG Nicole, I love you. I have never met anyone who has even heard of this book! I picked it up out of the blue at a used book store years ago and it completely reshaped everything I thought I understood and every opinion i had regarding foster care, adoption, separation of church and state, poverty, etc. And Marcia Lowry's dedication and strength is so beautiful its hard to believe she is a real human being. read it, everyone!

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On The Five Stages of Seeing These Booties

Mattijs X Fan in mint green nappa ummm yes


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On Wine Sunscreen

best. sunscreen. ever. i can go outside again!

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On Ask a Clean Person: The Basics

Jolie, I'm a little late to the game, but I wanted you to know I just posted this on my fridge with a note that says "Emily, you can do this!" I am the messiest, most housework-ignorant person on the planet, but I WILL BE CLEAN ONE DAY DAMMIT. thanks for your guidance!

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On The Rise of Turntable.fm

the only thing i understand about this site is that it is AMAZING!

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On The Science of Sunscreen

@katerrific @RK yeah i generally agree that they can be over-cautious, and the animal testing bias should be duly noted, but nowhere else can you find such thorough information on cosmetic products. They cite all available primary literature concerning the safety of every ingredient, which, considering how unregulated our US beauty industry is, is an absolute godsend imo. You are both smart to be skeptical and I think rather than taking the 1-10 safety number for a product at face value, it is worth looking at the information on each ingredient to decide for yourself whether you think it is dangerous to you or not. For instance, sometimes the studies show a chemical has to be used at a high concentration for it to be damaging, or sometimes it has to be ingested (so who cares if it is in your lotion, are you eating lotion?). It takes some time and patience, but at least EWG provides all the information available. I'm certainly glad someone does

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On The Science of Sunscreen

@ejcsanfran ya just make sure it's a curly one

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On The Science of Sunscreen

@kaaaaaaatie-did ahah! yes!! you are too smart for this article. please don't judge me for expaining uv light with hair extensions

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On The Science of Sunscreen

@Schroeder you dont even know

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On The Science of Sunscreen

@AuntAgatha that is such a good question. luckily for you, you have more melanin and therefore a better natural defense against UV light. however any increase in darkness from sun exposure is caused by increased melanin production resulting from cell damage. You are much less likely to incur the degree of damage that would lead to skin cancer, but you could still get it! bbc health says the following http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/5219752.stm

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