On Qreamed Quorn

Haha funny thing about Qream... Even cheap people who want a 'fancy' drink won't try it. The bar I work at got some as a promotion. It sat in full view of customers in case they wanted to try it for about 9 months. No one ordered it. It finally got moved to a back room where it now sits on the floor. Usually we make up drinks with the promotional items. We thought about putting it in a smoothie, but the texture was too gross.

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On Ask a Debt Collector

I did this from the time I was 18 to 20. I really enjoyed it. Being so young, I'd be able to get people on the phone because they expected me to be a push over. I eventually worked on the 90-days past due accounts for small loan companies and a furniture store. I loved my job. I loved being able to talk to someone when they feel so helpless and help them take it one step at a time. That's all it is but people don't think of it that way nor do a lot of collectors explain it that way.

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On Checking Back in With Qream

I actually tried Qream this week! I work in a bar, and sometimes they send us free bottles of stuff to entice us to buy more. It didn't work. We live in the peach state, so I found it fitting that we were sent the peach flavor. I tried a tiny bit and was surprised by how not disgusting it was. Don't get me wrong, I would not drink this. But it didn't taste like alcohol. It was very peachy, so we made a peach smoothie! Sold it and they drank it. It was interesting.

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On Tall Girls: A Story of Giants

I thought I was tall... until reading these comments! I'm the shortest person on my dad's side and the tallest on my mom's, witht he exception of my sister. She's 14 and a tad bit taller than me. I love being shorter than someone! My boyfriend's family are giants! His 13 year old towers over me, and his 10 year old is pretty close to eye level. I'm right at 5'6, which to me is tall. I live in the deep south where we have all these tiny dainty girls. In high school I hated it. I was taller than a lot of the guys. Lesson learned? Don't date guys from small hometown. For the longest time, I had a boyfriend who was barely 2 inches taller than me. That made me never wear heels. (This was during that crucial learning to not look like a penguin while wearing heels stage.) The outcome is sad. I'm no longer with a short guy, the current bf is 6'4, and I still don't look right walking in heels.

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On The May-December Romance

14 years older is the oldest. 3 years older is the youngest. What does that REALLY say about me? Hmmm...
Btw, I'm only 22 now... And all this lovin' started when I was 16.

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