On The Great Dessert Debate

CUPCAKES AND TARTS! Mini versions of both cake and pie, so that people can have either or BOTH! Plus, you get to use super cute serving trays...those fancy layered ones.

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On On Female Desire, Part Two: Pornography

@Third Wave Housewife And there's that one where he like...growls into her lady bits because he is enjoying himself so much. I was firmly not interested in porn, and pretty vocal about how damaging I thought it was to little developing boy psyches and female body image and exploitation and (you know this argument I'm sure etc etc etc,) but damn if James Deen didn't at least partially change my opinion.

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On Beauty Q&A: Bullet Bras, Rancid Perfume, and Mascary

Am I wrong in thinking that last question was totally bitchy in tone and implication?

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On One That Got Away

So conflicted here...I loved the story, but at the same time, I feel horrible for "Brad" (fingers tightly crossed that that was a pseudonym.) If he, or any of your past mutual friends, do even a basic Google search of your name, up comes an entire piece about how he is clueless and probably gay and how you deigned to agree to a date with him.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Bob and Eli

Bob does not love you, it will not work out, if you focused on your relationship with Eli instead of daydreaming about Bob I assure you the sex would improve, you are ruining your marriage and the life of your child over a delusional crush.

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On The Care and Keeping of Contacts

@sam.i.am You're...not...supposed to wear contacts in the shower? For real? WHY DON'T I KNOW THAT?!

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On Hate Actually

I can't NOT watch this movie. I don't WANT to, but it MAKES me.

Also, in high school when this came out, the fact that they kept calling Natalie (who was about my size at the time) chubby gave me some fairly serious body image problems. See also: Keira Knightley.

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On Happy Hour: Some Like It Hot

Can we get some of these with like...non-fancy liquors? I am but a poor university student, I can't afford to by special alcohol with flavours and long names.

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On Free Trip Itinerary!

@alix_rae I was sort of skimming this, until I came to that phrase, and immediately went back up to the top to start re-reading with deep consideration. Clearly someone with that point of reference has a profound knowledge of my soul. I will follow this advice exactly.

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On The 1950s Glamour Tutorial

@Emily Denadel Emery@twitter I...third (?) this request! I have very pale blondey red hair and equally pale brows/lashes, so this kind of over the top dark glamourpuss look just would not work on me (I don't think so, anyway). I would love love love some retro style beauty tips for the fair haired ladies.

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