On Scientology and Me, Part Two: What Scientologists Actually Believe

How Scientology treats its believers and detractors, and what it believes at the highest echelons, are not separable. If you are going to criticize for the former, it makes perfect sense to mention the latter.

Scientology attempts to supress both criticism and information about its own workings, including its beliefs. This extends, by your own words, even to the members of the church itself. It doesn't want people to know about Xenu. There are at least two plausible reasons for that:

1) if you know about Xenu, you might lose faith with the church as a whole, because of how ridiculous it seems.

2) if you know about Xenu, you might not pay to learn more about Xenu.

There are lots of religions (some would say all of them) that believe crazy things, but by and large they are phlegmatic about other people knowing those beliefs. They don't attack people because of their *own* beliefs.

Scientology does. So to fight Scientology, one must also bring up Xenu, as much as possible.

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On Sometimes State Flags...

No love for the Washington DC flag?

Sometimes flags just want to remind everyone of their high score in Frogger.

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On The Best Time I Tweeted About Private Parts

Besides, I went for "Super 8". Turns out Drew Carey got there first, *sad trombone*.

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On The Best Time I Tweeted About Private Parts

Is that self-deprecating? The Secret of NIMH had the power to move a big-ass concrete block to the other side of the yard.

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