On "Letter to a Lost Friend"

Oh man, this is wonderful. I will now go and have a good cry.

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On 'Movement + Location' and Seed & Spark

that was so creepy and I mean this as a compliment.

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On The Best of the Best Music of 2012

I was obsessed with the Kendrick Lamar album this year and I think Call me maybe is a great great great pop song which I lipsynched to in my bathroom mirror many times this year.

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On Twinkies: A Brief Encounter

Never had a twinkie as I'm not American, but I remember them fondly from the Inca Mummy Girl Buffy episode.

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On He's So Unusual

@Lucienne I know! Was it Thurn und Taxis? Who is the movie star?

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I really love that show. Like her, I love romantic comedies though I definitely prefer When Harry met Sally over You've got mail, anyways my favourite moment was when Chris Messina's character talked about how weird it would be to get off the subway and it was suddenly the 1940s and she got totally into that story although he just said that to shoot down her definition of weirdness.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm going to Canada for the first time on Monday. Montreal to be exact, i'm so excited. Any must see or do's?

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On Things to Ban Instead of Commonly Banned Books

Yes to the annoying get-a-lifers regarding Catcher in the Rye. It's not a how to book.

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On How to Celebrate the Equinox in Five "Easy" Steps

I grab an egg and watch the West Wing episode with CJ and the poker.

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On Fu-Blah Blah Blah

ugh, well, at least this whole mess of a relationship inspired ex factor. Also, speaking of Biggie (in the first paragraph when everything was still good), I only really started listening to him about 5 years ago and Ready to Die is a masterpiece. Sure, I knew Hypnotize, but I mostly knew of him through Puff Daddys R.I.P.-fest and he was an idiot so I didn't venture further. Good thing I did, eventually.

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