On Being Maleficent

@lyzl@twitter that was my take-away too; glad to see I got your point. Evil does seem to be more about the choices you make after you are wounded & consciousness. When I was trying to fix the novel I wrote which had no strong villain, I had a hell of a time with this. The villain was female, which made it harder. I wasn't able to tell her story until I realized that point - your bad choices and your poor priorities can motivate evil actions. The way the character went about tearing stuff down was rather stealth and solitary too - probably because I unconsciously was working with all this shadow stuff.

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On A Brief Note on Waterskiing

Sarah miller! Writes the best stuff

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On It is Upon Us

@be but little I like your approach

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On Beyond Clarice: Underrated Horror Heroines

I am sad that I have to miss all these great female roles because I can't watch movies like these! Arg! But thanks for telling me where all the strong females went!
What about that effed up movie set in Germany where mad scientist kidnaps tourists and surgically joins them together -was it called Centipede? The TRAILER gave me nightmares for weeks

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On "Light chaff and falling leaves or a pair of feathers"

accessible yet delicate. yay

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On The Magical Fruit

Please note: lectins, which are bad for you, exist in in high quantities in beans. Because everything is bad for you. Picky bean eater, I came to beans via refried beans- highly recommend. Also,I second the pressure cooker, but I still soak overnight first and never fart (more than usual). Pressure cookers are da bomb for: beans, beets, potatoes, cheesecake.

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On How Cosmo Conquered the World

Would love to see a Yemen or Mongolian The Hairpin. Edith is my HGB

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On 32 Easy, Practical Weight-Loss Tips for Your Busy Schedule

I know a dude now in his 50s who did this same gig when he was 18 - but right when he got there, BOOM the Dirty Revolution. Very scary time. Talk about weight loss. And money? money sent from home kept going into someone's pocket along the way, basically no mail service. Dude finally found someone with a HAM radio and he contacted his family that way - by then they thought he was dead. he had his family buy gold and somehow that is how he could get some money and get the hell out of there. Mormonism is this completely American phenomenon that perplexes most Americans, myself included.

and yeah I agree, adding more specifics on what the Uruguan did to piss you off would help contextualize the wish to hurl him out the window. I liked the few details about the Porteño, because yes, they are! so great! at least in tango, anyway - but to anyone unfamiliar with Porteños, a little more context might help. and my diet buster was a mezzaluna with jamon and that cheese...w/that coffee....ahhh

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On Khal Drogo, the Lifeguarding Years

Space Precinct anyone? Not that I've seen it, just set up the website.

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On Former Desires

regarding easy bake desires, at Costco right now they have a camping oven/stove (propane) that made me gasp because it reminded me of the easy bake (never got it either, sounds like a win). I am still desiring the camping oven/stove even though I rarely camp.

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