On Humblebrags About My Dog

@Summer Somewhere oh my god Donkey Kong Country

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On "Let’s enjoy a cookie."

@werewolfbarmitzvah Filtering FTW. Especially all of these things:

'Botched the your/you're, there/their/they're, to/too, etc.? YER OUTTA HERE. Have a hairdo that looks like it took longer than 60 seconds to style? ZAP, YOU'RE GONE. A jaunty hat? DUNZO.'

My friend and I refer to dudes with jaunty hats as 'Twats in Hats'. They are abundant in our hood...

Anyway being picky totally pays off and it really really helps not being shy about initiating the conversation (this goes for IRL too!!!!!) Have met some cool dudes this way and my last long-term man was procured in this fashion.

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On "Apeman," The Kinks

@fondue with cheddar I thought the same thing!!?

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On "Apeman," The Kinks

@evil melis Big Sky is my personal fave - Harry Rag, Funny Face and Love Me Til the Sun Shines following close behind. Kinks nerd-out!

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On Friday Open Thread

@phlox Thus the basis of its appeal!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Daisy Razor My ex got me the pirate/viking ship necklace from Catbird for my birthday and it was my Favourite Thing Ever. I wore it all the time for about a year until my flat was burgled and it was one of the few things stolen. We had broken up by then but I loved the thing so much I asked him if he could buy another and mail it to me (overseas) and I'd pay him back. He said he gladly would but that it had cost roughly a million dollars so I would have to pay him that before he did anything of the sort.

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On Recalled Transcripts of My Salary Negotiations

@Heidi Awesome advice! The Hairpin should start an 'Ask a Boss' column because I would read it religiously!

I am in publishing but currently struggling financially at the moment. Would love to negotiate a raise but the thing that keeps me from doing it is I'm a freelancer/paid intern. I have been with the company for a year and a half (10 months part time as an MA student, 4 months full time fixed term salaried contract, now back to full time on minimum wage). I would ask for a higher wage (having lots of experience there and also now an MA) but the catch is there are two other employees in my same position doing the same work as me and making the same wage. Any thoughts on whether this is worth approaching?

On a positive note, the situation is motivating me to apply for permanent positions like mad. Anyone need a marketing assistant??

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On Nicknames

Agreed, sister nicknames kick ass! My baby sis is 'hoebag' for reasons I can't quite remember.

Mr Sauce calls me 'sexy legs' or just 'SL' which is cute I guess but he stole it from a bouncer!

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On OKCupid Accidents, the Kid Talk, and Cheating With a Smile

@melis Please tell me Steve Coogan is directing this!!

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On Save the Dates, Boston and LA

@rayray yes! London would be amazing. Will email you. Late to party as always

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