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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

40% watching TV shows on Hulu/Netflix instead of doing anything at home
10% Einstein Bros. bagel sandwich for breakfast
10% buying ben & jerry's just because
40% reading the 'pin/toast instead of working

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On Brain Trouble

My maternal grandfather got migraines, and my sister apparently inherited them. She gets them fairly regularly, and they always knock her out. Changes in the weather are her most frequent trigger. For me, I get them very, very infrequently, and they are always triggered by stress. I had one a few days after my oral comps for my MA, and I had one last Wednesday (my husband got laid off last Tuesday). I am thankful, knowing how frequently my sister gets them, that my own come infrequently. When they do, they kick the shit out of me. Light and sound sensitivity and eventual vomiting are things that no one enjoys.

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On Which Name Is Weirder, Saxby Chambliss or Barkevious Mingo? The Answer May Tell You Whether or Not You're Racist

Ay ay ay. A friend of mine posted a link to that article on her facebook and the comments almost instantly got derailed by defensive white people getting mad that calling them racist is racist and "Just because I say a name is funny doesn't mean I'm racist!!!" and all sorts of car-wrecky stuff. What made it worse was the ringleader of the "how dare you"s was her mother, who proceeded to argue with a guy who has actually been discriminated against in this exact fashion about how it's not racist and she knows better because she's older than him. It was something else.

In any case, I've got a weird name. It's a weird white name, as it's Scandinavian, but here in the states people see it and assume all sorts of things. I've had job interviewers tell me they thought I'd be non-white more than once. The sad part is, the people that say that always look and sound relieved. :\

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On Improving My Woman Cave

@RK Fire I do like that the women in the ad are doing things that aren't stereotypically ladyish -- I mean, you have some, like the lady with the baby, but then there's also a skateboarder and stuff. I appreciate that. More I appreciate sports apparel in appropriate colors in sizes that won't make me look like I bought a poncho in my team colors.

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On Improving My Woman Cave

I'm just glad women's shirts come in actual team colors at all, considering just how much exists out there in pink cursivey crap with sports team names on them.

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On Boy-Crazy But Curious, Dating While Disabled, and Introducing Parents to Your "New Norm"

AQC! I thought you were gone! I'm glad you are not gone!

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On Friday Open Thread

@mystique That's what's happened to me -- I'm at the Toast every damn day reading every little thing that they post regardless of whether or not I think I'll find it interesting (and I am often pleasantly surprised). This is behavior I used to do here at the 'Pin, but since the change a lot of the things I loved about this site have stopped or have gone to other places, and I have followed them to their new locations. Jolie at Jez/Deadspin, everyone at the Toast...

I used to be here at the 'Pin all day every day, and now I find myself just skimming over once or twice a week in a "what's going on at the 'Pin lately?" mood strikes me. And actually clicking into individual posts or following links out of the 'Pin is a far less frequent occurrence than it used to be. I'm not a fan of the changes.

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On And Now It's Dead

@Lucienne @yeah-elle yeah, I'm just...

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On Are You Part of the 16% of People Who Can't Look at This Without Screaming?

@lemonadefish @Briony Fields it also makes me think of that 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' picture of the girl with the spiders coming out of her face, which I would google and link for you if I didn't think googling it would make me throw up.

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On Good Man Profiled

@noodge The worst bit is that the "mitt-like paws" makes me want a bad photoshop where his hands are Mitt Romney heads.

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