Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly

I like to bake. I also enjoy reading, I collect toys, and I'm a dispatcher for public transportation. Exciting!

On Improving My Woman Cave

You're going to need all that wine if you're rooting for the Browns, and I say this as a life-long Browns fan.

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On A Very American Open Thread

I am going to Pittsburgh this weekend to see The Jill & Julia Show, which is Jill Sobule & Julia Sweeney performing together. It'll be like a trip back in time to the 1990s! We're also going to the Andy Warhol Museum. Any recommendations on places to eat in Pittsburgh?

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Looking through the Hatesong list, I recognized the songs that were hated but not the people who hated them. I think that sums up my 'garbage music vs. bad music' perspective quite nicely.

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On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

The 1972 Miss Scarlet is married to Inside the Actor's Studio's James Lipton http://www.randomdailyness.com/miss-scarlet-with-the-candlestick-inside-the-actors-studio/

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On What Would Tami Taylor Do About the Second Special Session in Texas?

@Little Wren One thing for sure is to vote Kasich out in 2014. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything to do in the year in between then and now. It was a damn shitty move that they put this in the budget, the BUDGET, where voters don't have a say at all. All the curse words, directed at Kasich & his fellow asshats who put together the budget bill.

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On Stella Walsh, the Intersex Olympian

She does not seem to be so well known in Cleveland anymore; I've been in the area for all my 37 years & never heard of her. It seems a little sad that I hadn't heard of her before now. I am going to think it has more to do with she was such a winner whereas most sports talk in Cleveland is centered on how much our teams suck. Yeah, that's my delusion & I'm sticking to it.

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"'We would all feel a lot more humble with Jupiter's presence constantly looking over us." This. Nothing makes me feel smaller or more in tune (I don't know if that's the right phrase) with the universe than those nights when I can look up & see so many stars in the sky. We are such tiny, tiny specks in this great big universe.

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On Interview with a Woman Who Had Two Kids by Anonymous Sperm Donor

Good golly, I have never read a piece where I could relate to the person so much. Maggie, you are inspiring, and Jia, thank you for this interview.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter I am getting in on this thread because I, too, have been missing the 'Ask A' columns.

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On Friday Open Thread

@daisicles Sorry TWoP isn't cutting it. I do agree with you that the quality there has dropped a bit, not just in context but I remember when there was a grammatical standard. Now, half the time I have difficulty reading posts because of run-on sentences, lack of capitalization and punctuation, and just nonsensical rambling. By no means am I saying I am grammatically perfect, but I'd like to think my thoughts come across clearly without inducing any headaches.

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