On What to Do With This Story?

Nicole just came here to say THANK YOU for posting this! (I haven't commented in a long long time but felt compelled to come out of hiding). Reading this article over the weekend, I felt shocked and appalled that the phrase "domestic violence" wasn't even mentioned until the 7th or 8th page of the 10 page article online. I work at a DV agency so the issues here are obvious to me (DV is a cycle! Incidents are rarely isolated!) but in seeing the overall response to this article, I've realized how slow people are to identify this as an abusive relationship, and how the presence of DV complicates the otherwise commendable philosophy of restorative justice. Once again, my thanks!

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On What to Do With This Story?

@bananab0at children make "dumb emotional mistakes all the time" or children engage in teen dating violence with alarming frequency? a failure of the families, schools and systems who let this continue.

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

I loveee the idea of a food diary to track how different foods make you feel/what works for you but in googling "how to keep a food diary" just now everything I got was all "weight loss!" "shed pounds!!" etc. Anyone have suggestions for good food diary keeping methods (what exactly do you record? and how often? etc)? Or websites you like with useful info?

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On How to Become a Cartoonist in About 20 Jobs

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On Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

Jane I feel like you have all of these unique perfumes I don't know about. Thoughts on where to buy average-priced perfumes that aren't the standard chanel/marc jacobs/dkny/ralph lauren etc etc I always see at Sephora and in department stores?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Let's All Make... Our Beds

@kendra j.@twitter Ohhhh I co-sleep with my laptop ALL of the time and am actually delighted/relieved to learn other people do it too.

I also recently googled the laptop/cancer thing (namely laptop/cancer as it relates to ovaries/reproduction aka is my laptop making me infertile not that I even want babies now but ya know, someday, maybe), and the internets, in its wise and worldy knowledge of all things health related, told me no, your skin/muscle/tissue protects your lady reproductive parts from any laptop harm. I choose to believe it.

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On Secret Weddings, Self-Googling, and the Unfriend

include tahini: yes or no? it's just that, you know, i've read different recipes...

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@mlle.gateau ooh what is this other site full of ex-jez/current hairpin/occasional xojane bitchers? i like to keep all of these on my radar (reader).

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On The One, the Affair, and the Infuriating Family

@applestoapples You've called this for what it is -- emotional abuse, which can be just as dangerous as physical abuse, but isn't as readily identified. The "I love you" follow up phone call is such a classic element of the cycle of abuse and how manipulative abusers are. LW3 is in my thoughts, I hope she has the support and the strength to leave him.

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On Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

I randomly picked up "Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash" (in the citrus/energizing scent) at Duane Reade like a month ago and IT IS SO AMAZING. Along with using it as general body wash, I also started using it in lieu of shaving cream bc it is so moisturizing and smooth and soothing I barely even have to moisturize my legs after shaving when I shave with it. Highly recommended.

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